Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Fall Weekend Getaway In NYC - XoXo, Gossip Girl!

Morning Upper East Siders!
Word is that S has spent a gorgeous Fall weekend in New York City.
The crisp Autumn winds and the changing colors of Central Park have been beautiful and S has made precious memories! It’s been chaotic with the fam and heavy raining on S’s parade.
'Some might call this a fustercluck but on the Upper East Side we call it Sunday afternoon!'
Who knows what’s in store for her next. Until then ...
XoXo, Gossip Girl!

A couple weeks ago mama announced she wanted to go to New York City! Whenever New York City is mentioned there are a series of events that follow. Gossip Girl scenes flash before my eyes, the title music plays in my ears, and I instantly get into the Blair-Serena sass mode. Truth be told if I were to travel to New York City with full power of getting to decide where we have to go I'd pick and choose very different tourist spots than what mama likes. To mama the streets of NYC don't represent the walks Blair and Serena took. To her Chuck Bass doesn't ring a bell. To her Nate's townhouse is just another house along a street, the Empire Hotel is just a hotel, and the Met steps are just some normal steps. To her the Desi street in Queens where she shops for her Saris is the best part of NYC and the reason why we were going this time too. To me, however, everything screams XoXo Gossip Girl!

Let me tell you another truth now ... I don't get to decide where we go most of the time when we travel. In fact somehow the heavens come together to make sure my places are never visited. So once again when I packed our bags for the NYC weekend road trip I had my internal Gossip Girl mode on for personal enjoyment which nobody else in the family shared! That's what Blair Waldorf would do too if her plans weren't followed, right?

Anyway, I have a talent of being able to entertain myself no matter what happens around me and with Gossip Girl running through my veins even being driven on a regular street in NYC felt special. We ate, took pictures, somehow survived mama's boring Sari shopping session, got a chance to see a very tiny portion of Central Park, visited a zoo totally out of the blue, and touched Times Square by going to M&Ms World. It was a nice trip and NYC around Fall looked beautiful even though Fall hadn't entirely set in back then. Here are highlights of my short trip to the city that never sleeps in pictures!

We left late Friday afternoon/evening and on our way we stopped at Maiwand Kabob for dinner. Along with the usual tikka boti and kababs we ordered something new called 'Mantu'. They were these dumplings in a yogurt-ish sauce and I loved trying them out! I'll definitely be tasting more Mantus now if restaurants have them in their menus. Our road trip movie for the night was Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales which was AWESOME! We loved it though the character's death in the end (not giving out spoilers!) was really sad! Finally, we reached our hotel and stretched our legs and backs in the lobby, which was decorated with some really cool Halloween decor!

The Gapstow Bridge - Central Park - New York City

When we woke up the next day we had planned visiting Central Park during the day before heading to Times Square in the evening. While on our way I excitedly kept showing Abbie pictures from Gossip Girl of scenes shot at Central Park. I wanted to visit every spot and get my pictures taken everywhere Blair, Serena, Dan, Nate, and Chuck once stood. Little did I know that we'd be facing a sudden change of plans once we reached the park. When we reached there the weather was pleasant and the scenery beautiful! We walked a few minutes and reached a pretty place. The Gapstow Bridge! It was one of the Gossip Girl locations on my list and my excitement knew no bounds. I must have taken at least twenty pictures of the same spot before we sat down with some delicious pizza for lunch with the Gapstow Bridge in our background.

And then that was it. That was all of Central Park which I got a chance to see. Somehow we were steered in the direction of the children's zoo and away from my Gossip Girl spots in Central Park. I tried to make sense but to no avail. Eventually, I convinced myself that seeing ONE Gossip Girl filming location was a treat for my eyes too. 'Maybe next time' was my excuse as I changed my mood from GG sass to zoo mode. Tisch's Children's Zoo had several picture opportunities where I had a nice time snapping Gubby's pictures. The giant spider web was disturbing to me but Gubby enjoyed climbing it. After buying the little doll a Sponge Bob shaped ice cream we headed back to our car to hit Times Square next.

It was already getting dark when we reached Times Square and Abbie and I had our cameras out as we passed the skyscrapers and lights of the funkiest street in New York. None of our fam wanted to take a stroll so Abbie and I had to make do with sightseeing from inside the car. *sighs* We got off at M&Ms World where I was looking forward to having a super fun time with Gubby but after a short while her parents separated to shop and I couldn't hang with her. Instead, I enjoyed looking at the super colorful and fun displays and merchandise at that awesome shop. This was, I think, my third or fourth time visiting M&Ms world yet the excitement was at its peak. We filled up a bag from that world's largest candy wall with delicious M&Ms of different flavors and bought some gifts for Gubby darling before leaving for dinner. Speaking of which, we discovered a new restaurant called Shezan where the food was heart warming. The Biryani was too good, the mango ice cream was the bonus but best of all were the Malai Koftay. OH MY GOD! I want them again right now!!! That night, I slept in peace with the koftay resting in my tummy!

Our last day in New York was chaotic. It rained on our parade ... no, literally, it did. Rain made everything even worse in the Desi streets of Jackson Heights. We were cold, wet, and bored because mama spent hours shopping for her saris. Bro wasn't in a good mood and when he isn't feeling too wonderful he makes sure he spreads horrendous vibes all around the planet! *laughs* Once mama's shopping was done we stopped at Kabab King for a delicious lunch full of Biryani and Kababs and PARATHAY. And that, my darlings, was my short and sweet (and chaotic) Fall weekend getaway in NYC!

No matter how chaotic and full of cancelled plans this trip was I'll still stay in love with NYC - the city of Gossip Girl!

Until next time,
You know you love me ... XoXo!

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