Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Typical Mall Day With the Bestie

Mall days - oh how I always look forward to them. For Abbie and I Mall days are like precious little super short vacations in the middle of our super hectic routine. I keep tweeting and instagramming moments and highlights from my mall days with the bestie and often friends have asked me, "So what exactly do you guys do then?" We basically escape from reality for a few hours, eat, laugh, talk  about absolutely nothing and yet everything, window shop and shop for real, and after a few moments spent in peace we come back home. Every few months mama goes to the mall to get her hair done and while she's there Abbie and I get to roam around and have our own fun. 

One of the best parts about mall days is the opportunity to dress up and put together pretty outfits. It's no secret that I absolutely adore dressing up and whenever we head out to the mall I get all my pretty clothes out. Usually, whenever I buy a new dress or new shoes I try my best to wear them when we hit the mall. It's always exciting and I always try to don on the most gorjabulous outfits and then have some pretty pictures taken of myself. *laughs* I love taking pictures and getting pictures taken, I can't help it!

The dress up part is exciting, sure, but what really gets me motivated is Starbucks. Mall days mean Starbucks' indulgence days for me. I am almost always worried about gaining weight so the only rare occasion when I get something sinfully delicious from Starbucks' dessert menu is when we hit the mall. It's brilliant because I get to try the seasonal items like cake pops and cakes. I am a huge fan! I love how delicious everything Starbucks has is. Abbie and I share whatever we get so we get to try the different flavors and varieties without feeling too guilty. I don't think I can pick favorites that easily but from the top of my mind the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake Pop is mind blowing yummy and the Winter special Gingerbread Loaf is a killer with that hint of orange zest in its icing. DELICIOUS! Oh, and what do I drink? Hot chocolate! One tall, extra hot, hot chocolate please! Mmmm mmmm! I can't have coffee because it upsets my stomach so my go to is my dear friend: the hot chocolate! Starbucks has seriously good hot chocolate too!


Starbucks is our first stop once we reach the mall but then hours of roaming around and having fun make us hungry again and instead of eating a proper lunch, Abbie and I indulge in junk! Abbie gets her Menchies frozen yogurt and because the smell and taste of raw yogurt kills me brutally I stay away. I always ask her to add a little piece of brownie to her bowl though, that's mine. She has to win the challenge of arranging the brownie such that it doesn't touch any of the icky fro yo! *laughs* We don't just do the sweet stuff though (though that's the best!) and also get us a pretzel to share with mama! Roasted garlic and parmesan, sour cream and onion, and the regular salted one ... they're all so tasty! The warm and salty pretzel after all that sweet stuff feels extra good too!

Next on my list of excitement is the shopping (and window shopping) part. Our go to favorite stop is Hot Topic where we unleash our Potterhead selves and go crazy. As of now we've bought mostly EVERYTHING they have in their Harry Potter collection including Harry Potter shoes, dresses, shirts, socks, decor, toys ... you name it, we have it! We also love the classic dresses non-HP that Hot Topic has. So whenever we hit the mall we always go to Hot Topic. Their rewards program is super cool too so we keep shopping online and having it shipped to store. It's so exciting when the shopkeeper brings out the carton full of our order and then we get to unwrap it and try everything on in the dressing room. It's like getting presents - Harry Potter presents! Favorite shop at the mall: Hot Topic, for sure! I'll be blogging about all my Harry Potter merch soon too!

Of course no matter where we go our darling niece Gubby always stays on our minds. So every now and then we get to shop for her at the mall too. It's different than shopping for her in general with mama around because this is like exclusive Auntie shopping. I've gotten her several Disney toys including Gus Gus and the most recent ones are Goofy and Stuffy the dragon. She loves them all! We also shop for her clothes sometimes, Children's Place's graphic tees being a favorite choice of ours. When we last visited the mall very recently we asked her what would she like us to get for her before we were leaving. The kid is real specific, I tell you! She said, "I want a pretzel, with mustard!" So of course Bua Beeya got her a pretzel with mustard on the side. *laughs*

Hot Topic, JC Penney, and Children's Place are all our usual spots but we occasionally do some specialty stuff too. Papaya is a good shop where we've bagged some serious hot jackets in the past. Victoria's Secret is our absolute favorite too and Bath and Body Works makes me go all happy whenever we are there. A not-so-common stop is also the shop called Lolli and Pops, that's the one in the picture above. The sight of all that candy makes me sway. It's mesmerizing!

There's always something new and awesome to do at the mall. Like once we got chocolate frogs from Lolli and Pops and had some fun shooting videos of opening them and finding out which Wizard's Card we'd gotten. They're not the same as the real ones sold at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter but they are still super cool. Abbie got her beloved Gilderoy Lockhart and I got the wonderful Hagrid! Love both of them so much and I can't wait to collect the rest of them.

There's never a dull moment at the mall. Especially not when bestie's by my side. We enjoy seasonal sales and decor, the delicious snacks, hot chocolates, and the shopping. We laugh and enjoy for a couple of hours like we have no worries in the world. It's our Hakuna Matata moment!

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