Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DIY Princess Decor

You don't always need to spend a LOT of money to make your room stand out. Likewise, you don't really need to hire designers or take expert advice in order to decorate your room according to the way you want to. I did a fabulous DIY project today, I made a flower arrangement decoration in one of the corners of my bedroom and with a few personal touches and fabulous ideas I made it perfect for the girly colorful theme of my room. Here is a step by step detail of what I did!

First, I got myself really beautiful and girly looking flowers. People would think they must be super expensive, but no. All you need is an eye for reasonable prices and you can find wonderful stuff in stores! I got these from a 60% off sale, instant buy because I had fallen in love with them before even checking out the prices. Then my mom, who is super talented with making flower arrangements, set the flowers into a fabulous bouquet for me. The next day she bought me a transparent pink vase from a 50% sale! It was my luck that I was meeting these fabulous sales! She then wrapped the stems with silver aluminium foil which added fabulous shine inside the simple transparent vase; FABULOUS IDEA! Finally, she added a few colored stones to the base so the vase won't fall off!

Next, because I was in serious need of an organizer/drawers so I could store all my earrings properly I bought myself these drawers. I was looking all over stores for something that was not so expensive but colored or funky, because everywhere you look around my room you would see colors. But I never found a set of drawers that were colored. So I decided to use a bit of my imagination, and got simple white ones!

I had the drawers, the vase, the flowers, and the arrangement done. Now all I needed was to spice up the overall look and add more color and the princess touch to it, because in my room, I am the princess *winks*. So I took these beaded necklaces, which are basically those cheap party decorations that you can get from any party store, or the party sections in Walmart or Target and etc. I had a few of these with me already so there was no added cost either! Though cheap, simple, and necklaces, I have used these beads all the time to make things look fabulous. If they're necklaces, nobody said you HAVE to use them as necklaces, now did they?

Next, I took scarves. Yes, scarves, that's exactly what I said! I have these three scarves with me that I can't use for anything at all really because they either don't match my clothes, or they don't fit any outfit nicely, and they are too short and small to be headscarves. So, when you have something that you can't use, you NEED to rethink and find a good use for them. I decided to use the blue scarf for my vase, because the green would undermine the look of my decently simple vase, and the white polka would make the whole display look a little bit more white and not colorful.

I have these stickers with me that are basically those foam sheets that you get. I had bought these a lot of time back from a dollar store, *beep beep, cheap price* and since then I have used them for various purposes around my room. My sister used them to make the border for my soft board when she gifted me with one on my birthday, I used these to hide the mistakes my brother had made while marking and drilling holes in my bedroom's walls too, so yep they're pretty useful. Utility with a fabulous funky look, how awesome can they be?!

I started off with the vase makeover once I had gathered all my creative stuff with me. First I placed the vase on top of those white blank drawers. Next I used my scarf to wrap it around the vase. This added color, dimension, and some funk to the simple single colored vase. When I'm dealing with something that is simple and I need to add more funk to it, I just pair it with more color or sparkle or bling. Since I had the extra color with me today, I decided to use that! Just a simple wrap around the vase and that's it.

 I tried tying a bow with the scarf at first but no matter what I did it would always be big and huge enough to cover my entire vase! So that idea, I decided to put aside. Then when I could think of nothing else, I just tucked in the extra bit of the scarf into the fold around the vase, and this to my surprise created a pretty bundle sort of design at it's front. Fabulous, that's what I needed! Now, my vase had its own color, a contrasting color thanks to the scarf, and the shine because of the aluminium foil inside.

Once I was done with that, I started adding color and sparkle to the drawers beneath the vase. I took the beaded necklaces and spread them out randomly on the surface of the drawers, around the base of the vase. That made them look like casually thrown in color and shine. Next, I took my stickers and making sure that I didn't place the same colors next to each other, I put them onto the top and sides of the drawers one by one. The drawers now had color on top and the sides. Next, I took a few more stickers and put them on the rear sides, that is visible in the next few pictures.

So far so good, I wanted to add the princess touch to my display now! From my last birthday, I had these crowns with bling on them. My sister had bought these crowns, which I think are hair accessories, to decorate my cake, and once I was done with the cake cutting, I washed them clean and saved them because I knew I would need them again soon! So I took the crown, and tucked it inside that bundle sort of knot in front of the scarf. It looked gorgeous, and since it was the same color as the vase it looked perfect!

That's all set, ready, and looking gorgeous in the theme of my room! All you need is a little creativity, imagination, an eye for gorgeous stuff that comes at reasonable prices in stores, and a teeny weeny bit of patience, and you have in front of you a wonderful flower arrangement with a clever organizer, beautiful and bright colors, and an added touch of 'I'm Princess'!

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