Saturday, June 11, 2022

POTTERIFIC JULY Instagram Photo Challenge 2022


Ladies and gentlemen, Potterheads and supportive Muggles and NoMajs I officially announce POTTERIFIC JULY 2022!!! The Instagram celebration challenge, loved by hundreds of Potterheads across the globe, is coming back for its FIFTH year!!! I can't believe what I started five years ago casually has become such a joy for Potterheads all around!

I'm so excited and looking forward to another brilliant magical awesome shawsome fantastic fabulous month of July with you all!!! Once again, my friends, lets come together for POTTERIFIC JULY to celebrate our beloved Potter's birth month!!! There will be magic, there will be fun, there will be SO much to love and enjoy! It shall be like one  month long virtual birthday party!

Picture prompts, magical reels, games and polls and quizzes and discussions and interactive stories! Find more Potterheads on the Pottergram, be found by others who share the love of this glorious fandom, celebrate with each other!!! THIS SHALL BE AMAZING!!!


First and foremost, a recap for those who need a refresher and some explanation for the Potterheads hearing of Potterific July for the first time!

What is Potterific July?
It's an excuse to come together with fellow Potterheads to celebrate Harry Potter's birth month! I initially began my own little celebration on my blog right here where I wrote about any and every thing Potter related before I started celebrating with everyone else. Throughout the month I discuss stuff from the books and movies, show off my merch, and live life Potterificly. Part of this awesome celebration is the Instagram Challenge!!! In 2018 I decided to celebrate with the awesome Potter community on Instagram and created the PotterificJuly Instagram challenge which has since been a huge hit!

What is the awesome PotterificJuly Instagram Challenge?
The Potterific July Instagram Challenge is one of the best decisions I've made in my life so far. It is thirty one days of posting Potter related pictures based on a prompts list I post on my Insta. It's very first year, it was received with such enthusiasm and it became a huge hit as hundreds of Potterheads joined in from all across the globe. On popular demand, I hosted it again in 2019 to witness another very brilliant year. In 2020 Potterheads eagerly awaited the challenge to get away from all the meh the pandemic had created. In 2021, last year, hundreds joined once again to have an epic month! So of course, I am back with another one for 2022! This will be Potterific's fifth year and I'm so excited!

What do you have to do for the PotterificJuly Challenge?
There are only and only two rules! First: Use the hashtag #PotterificJuly so we can all find you. Second: HAVE FUN! No commitments, no pressure. Join me on Instagram and follow along the prompts all month. If you miss a prompt here and there that's fine too! I'll be featuring as many posts as I can in my stories throughout the month (I end up sharing everybody!). We also have Potterific discussions, polls, questions, and what not in my stories every day! I share your responses too! It's very interactive and magical!

I wanna join! What should I do next?
So here's what to do:
Grab a copy of the prompts list by saving/screenshotting the picture above.
Find and connect with me on Instagram! @Saraallie where you'll find this list too!
Be there on the first of July with the hashtag #PotterificJuly shining on your posts!
Oh and don't forget!!! Have fun!

It would be awesome if you could somehow let me know you'll be joining me for the #PotterificJuly Instagram challenge. You can find me on Instagram and DM or comment on the prompts post there. You could also leave me a comment below this blog post and leave a link to your Insta for me to check out. I love meeting new Potterheads!

Lets make it bigger and even more awesomer this year!
Spread the word, bring fellow Potterheads with you!
The more Potterheads the better and the more fun our July shall become!
See you on the first on Instagram!
Without the hashtag we can't find you!

Happy Pottering,
Mischief Managed!

Tuesday, June 7, 2022


“Veritas numquam perit.
Truth never perishes.”
“The best is yet to come …” - Johnny Depp

#IBelieveJohnnyDepp and I'm very proud of being on his side.

The past month saw the rather ugly court battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard which finally came to a victorious conclusion for Depp! I'm just so happy! It's like getting some kind of personal satisfaction; like justice was finally served somewhere in this messed up world!

I will be honest, I wasn't 100% blindly trusting Johnny from the start. I've had my unfair more-than-needed share of horrible people in my life and trusting people doesn't come easy for me. I did have the horrible sinking feeling in my stomach that maybe he had hit her. Maybe, the Johnny Depp I loved growing up had actually done something wrong. You know, how impossible is it for someone to get annoyed and hit someone when they're under the influence of drugs and not operating at 100% brain capacity? That's why drugs are bad, aren't they? I kept praying and hoping that this would all be false and that no, even in that kind of state, Johnny wouldn't resolve to violence. It just didn't go with him, you know? There was my gut feeling that just didn't want to believe he could have done something of the sort but my brain kept saying, WHAT IF?! That is when, thank God, the case was televised live for me to view!

With every passing day of watching the court sessions live, all my doubts were cleared away. Truth is always visible. Truth is always audible. Truth is always right there in your face. People just choose to ignore it. That's one of my strongest beliefs in life. That's what happened here too. Fakers can't fake forever. They break, they falter, they are exposed. Amber Heard was a fake face and as soon as she got on the stand to say her side of the story it all came crashing down. Evidence after evidence, witness after witness, statement after statement ... it only started becoming clearer and clearer that she was blatantly lying.

By the time the closing arguments were made by both parties and the case handed to the jury, I didn't even need a verdict. I knew the truth. I have hardly any hopes from the people of this world to do any justice at all and their opinions and judgment mean nothing to me. When news came of Johnny Depp having flown off to the UK for concerts I wasn't even waiting for the verdict anymore. For me, Johnny had spoken, Johnny had fought, and Johnny had already won because I believed in him. However, the day it was announced that the verdict would be out in an hour's time my heart did a somersault and landed somewhere in my stomach. I knew it didn't matter even if they ruled against him, I knew he wasn't waiting for them either, but even then ... it made me nervous. 

The first of June, year 2022! The day justice - for once - was served! A man had to lose six years, his self respect, his career, and his finger to gain his confidence to fight for the truth. A man had to spend six long years to prove to the world that he - a man - could also be a victim. A man had to go through immense emotional damage to counter the malice of this world.

The world may be cruel and harsh and unjust. But truth, in the end, always wins and so do those who stick with it! Haters, open your eyes and ears and take this in today. You may be laughing now but you shall not have the last laugh.

Amber Heard. What a shame. What an absolute embarrassment to the human kind, especially us women! What a complete hoax, scam, fraud! What a disaster to the real victims of abuse. What a liar. What an absolute disgrace. I feel disgusted by her. Actual disgust. This is the face of true evil and thanks to people like her this world is full of malice and toxicity. Thanks to people like her I have my trust issues. Thanks to people like her those who know the real truth stay silent and suppressed.

I feel ecstatic for Johnny Depp. I don't know him. He doesn't know I exist. Yet, I personally feel happy for him. I personally feel like a burden's off my shoulders now that he has won the case. Imagine, if I can feel this way just by witnessing the lies on the internet, how must he be feeling having gone through all of it for more than six years of his life?!

Friday, May 20, 2022

Watching The Secrets of Dumbledore At the Theater! (Spoiler Free!)

In an unexpected turn of events, I found myself sitting in front of the big screen, ensconced in a cozy recliner, my new Potter backpack on the little table in front of me, waiting for The Secrets of Dumbledore to begin. Complete disbelief. That's what I felt. Absolute disbelief. Like, you know, the kind of disbelief Uncle Vernon felt when he saw the cat outside his house reading a map.

To say it was impossible would be an understatement. The chances of me getting to watch the movie were just ... impossible. Mama would never allow Abbie and I on the highway by ourselves and bro basically refused to drive us when it released in April because he was too busy in Ramadan. There were rumors that the movie wouldn't do well and would be taken down from theaters sooner than normal. When I saw May begin and chances of watching the movie still looked bleak there even came a time when I convinced myself that I'd watch it when it would release on HBO Max or eventually months later on DVD. Yep, it was a pretty bad situation until one day ... everything suddenly changed.

You know how it happens when suddenly the clouds clear and the weather gets a total hundred percent makeover? It will sound dramatic (and I'm unapologetically dramatic! *laughs*) but that's how it happened. I swear! Bro texted and told us when he was available. I looked online to see if the movie was still there. Abbie booked the tickets. Next thing I know I was in the car and Bow Tie Cinemas was approaching and this was suddenly HAPPENING!?

OH MY GOD, IT WAS HAPPENING! Finally! It sank in at last when the doors of the elevator opened and we finally stepped on to the carpeted area that marked the entrance to Bow Tie. It was happeninggggggg! Yasssssss! Finally finally fin-uhhhhhhh-lyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I was jumping with excitement in my heart, because thanks to my hurting ankle and foot jumping actually wasn't possible!

I'd picked my outfit for today to match the occasion and Abbie and I were twinning too. We wore a beautiful dress with magical creatures from the Wizarding World printed all over. Fantastic Beasts all over our dresses screamed our excitement for the next movie in this franchise. Oh and lets not forget our bags! Our beautiful new Hogwarts backpacks! It was the perfect day to bring these new babies out for a walk ... and a movie! I also had my Deathly Hallows sneakers on along with some Potter themed jewelry! Everything looked FANTASTIC!

The first thing we did was to look for the movie's poster display. However, just as I had feared, coming so late meant they'd taken it down. There wasn't even a single poster on display for me to get a good picture taken with. It was a bit disappointing. Of course with our kind of luck there was another little hiccup before we got to our seats in the theater too. Our food went missing! Hahahaha! I laugh now but back when our order mysteriously disappeared there and the clock kept ticking closer to the time stated on our tickets, it was stressful! We didn't know if our order was taking extra long (like majorly extra) or had it been canceled? Then we finally asked and one of the folks there pretended something went wrong and they were restarting making the entire order. We're pretty sure they'd never worked on it in the first place. Anyhoo, the food finally was brought to us and we proceeded to find our seats!

When the movie began I cannot tell you how it felt to actually have made it there. It wasn't real, it didn't feel real. When you live with the kind of muggles that I do, coordinating magical events like such is very difficult. Like, VERY difficult. I couldn't stop feeling grateful for every single second of the movie.

And the movie, my friends. THE MOVIE. I loved it. I simply loved it. I laughed, cried, I had SO much fun! Secrets were revealed! My theories were proving right, my theories were proving wrong. There was so much happening both on screen and inside me ... it was BEAUTIFUL! It was just FANTASTIC! Yessssssss, this sequel in the Fantastic Beasts series was FANTASTIC!

I will not be giving away any secrets in this post like I promised but instead I'll post a detailed review of the movie in another post. Of course it will be heavily loaded with spoiler warnings so if you're avoiding spoilers I'll totally be respectful of that. Because after all, a few days ago, I was the one avoiding spoilers while the entire world went on to watch the movie and post details. It was annoying! Hahaha!

So stay tuned for a detailed review of the movie, but for now I will say this: I do not know why there are people out there discouraging others from watching the movie. I do not know why people have so many negative opinions about it. It is not Harry Potter. It is a prequel spin-off thingy. It is in its own an entirely different movie and story and in my opinion it is great! There was humor, action, romance, fun, mystery, magic ... LOTS OF MAGIC! There was SO much to love and I loved all of it!

I was stunned out of reality by the time the movie came to an end. We ended this magical day out with a delicious loaded Sundae! Yummmm! Oh and you know what the best part was at the end of the day? We found a full size poster of the movie at Hot Topic's display! We squealed, literally! I finally got a good picture with the movie poster! It may not have been inside the theater but hey, it was literally everything I wanted!

Oh and before I go, once again, SO GRATEFUL I GOT TO WATCH THE MOVIE!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

I Return With a Big Brain Block!

Look who it is! ME! Yet again making an entry back to my blog after shamelessly having completely ignored it. *sighs* Oh and I return with my head bowed down in shame because I'm coming back with a big brain block. I don't know what to start with. I don't know how to catch up. I don't know when to blog. I just am a big brain-mess right now.

I know! Lets start with the why? Why have I been missing in action? Well, easy. Nobody has given me time to sit down and blog in peace. When you're running around in panic meeting everybody's unneeded deadlines you just aren't in the mental state to be able to sit down and blog. So that is exactly what has happened to me. I am brain-locked at the moment because I just haven't given my brain the time to sit down, calm down, and relax.

Next, let me tackle the 'what'. What is happening? What should I start writing about now that I am trying to get back to my darling blog? Well. I am brain-blocked so I don't exactly know where to begin. So why don't I just dump it all and try and see how that goes.

For starters, I am halfway through Ramadan right now. My tummy grumbles as I type because Ramadan and IBS do not gel well together and I just had a big bathroom episode from which I'm trying to recover from. I know, TMI, but I am literally going to be brain dumping right now. Next important update is the room makeover. I have been missing from my blog so I haven't had the chance to talk about this yet but I have done a full makeover of my room. Everything has been moved and the entire look has completely changed. I sit here staring at my newly rearranged Potterific Corner behind my laptop's screen and I am just so in love with what I see. My desk space and a bit of my bed's makeover is still not complete and some little things remain unsorted on the floor in my room but I will be getting to those after Ramadan.

That's the last picture I took of my bed before moving everything!

Next big update is my heartbreak over not being able to go and watch The Secrets of Dumbledore right now. Bro refused, rather rudely, and mama will never allow Abbie and I on the highway by ourselves so we're stuck waiting for bro to take us. This is the most unfortunate and most helpless feeling ever. I'm trying to avoid spoilers as best as I can and I'm hoping that by the time bro's going to be done with his Eid socials, the theater will still have some kind of movie poster or display up for me to get pretty pictures taken against. It's just sad to not be able to go for no reason at all. It's heart breaking. Just ... so heart breaking.

Finally, third big update is that my foot is still not feeling well. I continue to go for laser therapy seshs though they have been spaced out to try and avoid going in Ramadan. I feel like I'm at a 95% kind of improvement but now the pain has become localized to specific spots under my foot and behind the ankle. I also feel like the pain has changed to like a stiff kind of ache instead of the terrible pain I had before. I keep feeling the need to somehow make my foot stretch and pull and 'click' into place. Not sure if I can explain that last one, but yeah.

Actually, I do have more updates ranging from BIG ones like the fact that I could go to Philadelphia and experience the Harry Potter Exhibition to small stuff like Johnny Depp currently sitting in a court house embarrassing himself further. *laughs* Yes, that last one doesn't really affect my life but I have been following the trial so I do care about it?

See? Brain dumping helps! I came up with SO much that I want to talk about and write about. I just need to find time and get my brain into that zone again where I can blog my heart out the way I want to. I thought about so many ideas where I wanted to return to my blog with a proper blog post but it just wasn't working out so I decided on a brain dump instead. And I'm so glad I did!

Now I am hoping that with the initial brain dump done, I should see some kind of improvement in my brain's block and hopefully I should be back to blogging regularly like I used to ... like I want to! I have so much to tell and so much to show. It's sad that I'm just not finding the time and the brain capacity to be able to do so! I need to fix that! ASAP. And I'm hoping this should do the trick!?

Friday, February 25, 2022

Winter 2022 AwesomeBoard and Desk Decor - Show and Tell!

Just about the last month left of Winter 2022! I am so not ready for the season to end. If you've been here a while you know Spring and Summer are just not for me. So I'm over here living as much of my darling Winter season as I can. I sit here, my laptop opened up in front of me, as I stare at my beautiful Winter AwesomeBoard behind it. This time I was very indecisive about how to style my desk because I keep feeling like I want to change the layout of my room and move my desk to entirely new spot. I'm bound because I've drilled holes in all the walls for the various collages and what not and I don't know anything about the P of painting walls so I'm pretty much stuck! *laughs* That is something I shall keep on thinking about until one day I can actually get to it. For now though, my desk looks like a happy Winter fest for the season!

This season's decor had a bit of old and new stuff. I got Target's famous new snow globe and did a DIY Winter scene with it which I enjoyed very much. At the same time I also got my long lost beloved snowman from the stuff Dad got shipped from my childhood home back in Pakistan. I was so happy when I saw it! It used to be my favorite back when I was a kid and I was delighted that nobody had destroyed or damaged it. He's so happy looking! I displayed all my latest Starbucks cups on the board to keep the happy memories of sipping hot chocolates with my bestie Abbie right here in front of me. There was a LOT of gingerbread men themed stuff all around too! I find it the cutest!

Check out the close ups and details!

One of the new things I got this season included this adorable little pocketbac holder from Bath and Body Works. SO CUTE! I know they're supposed to be holders for sanitizers but when has anyone ever been able to stop me from finding creative uses for stuff? Neverrrrrrrrrrr! I've been using their pocketbac holders as decor for my AwesomeBoard displays and they always look adorable!

That adorable Gingerbread man cookie from last year made an appearance again! Because I love it so much! Right next to it you'll see the new cutie pie sweater ornament I found at Target. I saw it and fell in love immediately! It was MADE for my AwesomeBoard! It is so cute with the authentic knitting all the way to the tiny little hanger it is on! Love it!

Doesn't that look adorable?! I really loved that this year my AwesomeBoard was giving such adorable vibes! It was such a happy sight to look at! Oh and the adorable vibe continued all the way to the desk decor too! Take a look at the cuteness!

THAT SNOWMAN! That's the snowman I am talking about! Super cute and still in perfect condition!

My beautiful DIY snow globe! My first ever DIY of Target's snow globe! I love it! I had a very difficult time keeping things in place when I tried shutting the globe on top! *laughs* But even with that annoying little bit happening I still loved this so much and I can't wait to do more DIYs with this in future! Check out the close ups!

Also! Check that adorable snowflake shaped mat I got from Target! So cute!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I've thoroughly enjoyed my Winter decor all season long. I know there's a month left before Spring and technically that's a good enough time to enjoy this some more but I still feel sad that I'll have to take all of this down soon to change it up! I don't want to! Can I keep the smiley snowman and Gingerbread cookie and all of this through the Summer heat? *laughs* Then I can just directly fast forward to Fall when I won't be so sad changing the seasonal decor!? Hee hee hee hee!

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Cajun Shrimps and Vegetables

If you know me, you'll know I am not a big fan of seafood - more on that later. But this recipe is such deliciousness I could eat the ENTIRE thing in one sitting and still want more. Not kidding! So delicious and so packed with flavor, you'll definitely be reaching for second and third helpings! I shared this with my brother and he ended up eating like a dozen shrimps in one sitting. I shall take that as a huge compliment! Hahaha!

So. I mentioned not being a fan of seafood. See, the only kinds of seafood I can take are Fish and Chips (fried to my level of perfection, else not!) and shrimps (cooked all the way through so I'm not smelling the ocean!) ... you get the point; not too big on anything from the sea and super particular and picky! I have decided I am NEVER going to touch raw fish to cook it ever in my life, but since I like shrimps I really wanted to brave it and try to cook them. I cannot begin to tell you how much pep talking I had to do in my head to bring myself to touching raw shrimps. It took me months to convince myself I could do it and then several days to be brave enough to open that pack of shrimps and look inside. I thought I won't be able to do it; the smell would kill me or looking at them raw would mean I never eat shrimps again. But I actually enjoyed cooking these so much and then enjoyed devouring them even more! I didn't chicken out ... or should I say, I didn't shrimp out? Get it? *wiggles eyebrows*

This recipe has the freshness of the veggies, the warm flavors of that Cajun seasoning, and the shrimps doing such magic in your mouth ... Mmm mmmmm! The best part is you can adjust everything in here to your liking. You can use different vegetables if you're not a fan of one listed here, you can adjust the heat by tweaking the spices and the Sriracha sauce, and you can choose to not serve it in a dish and eat straight from the pan instead. Nope, not kidding on that last one!

Now, one thing I do want to mention before I send you off to the recipe is about my shrimps. I add the same little bit in the recipe's notes too for those who just skip to the recipe and don't want to put up with my talking! (I know who you are!!!) Just kidding of course. I have used shrimps with tails on in the pictures because those are the ones I had in my freezer. I was planning to try some other recipe that required the tails until I changed plans and cooked this instead. For this recipe I am not going to get tails next time because they were such a disturbance when I was losing my mind enjoying the delicious flavors in here! So get yourselves shrimps that have tails removed! You'll thank me later.

  • Shrimps - Peeled, deveined, and tails removed (see note below)
  • Zucchini - I used about 2 medium sized
  • Yellow Squash - I used about 2 medium sized
  • Bell Peppers - I used 1 Red, 1 Yellow, and 1/2 Green
  • Oil - 1 tbsp. Olive Oil and 3 tbsp. Canola Oil
  • Paprika Powder - 1 tbsp.
  • Cajun Seasoning - 1 tbsp. for the Shrimps and 1 tbsp. for the veggies
  • Black Pepper Powder - According to taste (I sprinkled it generously)
  • Butter - 2 tbsp. Sweet Unsalted Butter
  • Garlic - 2 Cloves chopped finely
  • Sriracha Sauce - According to taste
  • Salt - According to taste
Note about Shrimps, real quick. When I bought shrimps to cook I was planning on trying a different recipe altogether. I ended up changing recipes and making this one. You'll see my shrimps had tails on in the pictures because of my changed plans. I'd prefer I cook this recipe without tails next time and that's what I'd suggest you do too, that's why I say tails removed in the instructions! Also, I had two different sized shrimps' packets but it doesn't matter which size you use!

Start off with preparing your vegetables! Cut them into medium chunky pieces. Do not cut them super fine or they'll just become mush when you get to the cooking bit.

Marinate your shrimps. I used frozen shrimps so I just rinsed them with some hot water for like half a minute so they'd defrost for me. Then add the Oil, Paprika Powder, Cajun Seasoning, and Salt and give it a good mix so the shrimps are well coated all over. If you read the note on shrimps above you'll know I had two different packs of shrimps on hand so I've decided to show pictures of both here! *laughs* Next time I get shrimps I will get the ones that don't have the tails on and I recommend you do the same for this recipe!

Next! Heat up a large skillet over medium high heat and add the shrimps to it. Cook for about four to five minutes flipping halfway to make sure both sides are equally cooked. Remove the shrimps from the skillet and set aside.

Use the same pan with all that deliciousness still in it. Add Butter and Garlic and stir around. Once the butter melts add in all of your vegetables. Add Cajun Seasoning, Black Pepper Powder, and Salt. Cook for about eight to ten minutes until the veggies are tender to your liking.

When the veggies are done, add in the shrimps and stir everything together. Add Sriracha Sauce, as much as you want. Cook together for around a minute or two and you're done! Don't forget to taste and adjust salt according to your liking!

You know how they say a picture can speak a thousand words? THIS ONE speaks a thousand for sure!

... and this one too. Another thousand.

And this.

And this one makes you want to reach out and grab THAT shrimp. You know which one I'm talking about! THAT one. Yes. THAT one.

Okay. Trip to the grocery store needed so I can get myself more shrimps and cook this again!
Try it out and see for yourself what I'm talking about! Even those who aren't a seafood fan will love it! Don't forget to enjoy a little cooking video before you go!

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