Sunday, March 26, 2017

Coming Up Next

Wow, can you believe it? We're already a week into Spring 2017! Winter went by so fast it was a blur. I've been keeping so busy I hardly get the time to do anything at all. With Spring already here (and the bugs probably must be getting ready to attack and conquer the world) April is fast approaching. As you know, a couple of days ago I announced that I was going to take part in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge again this year. Oh yes, it'll be superb! I revealed my theme which is going to be all about Sara's Baked Creations (my delicious obsession with baking/cake decorating). It'll require lots of work so I'm gearing up for it to make sure it is perfect to the last detail. Hey, my baking is way too awesome to not be blogged about with perfection. So, here's my plan!

Okay, so normally I bring you all a fantabulous blog post every three days, right? But, I really want to start working on scheduling my A to Z Challenge's posts so this is going to be the last post for the month of March. Yes yes, it is sad, we won't have posts coming up in the last week of March. However, come to think of it, I can spend the week perfecting the gorjabulous baking and cake decorating posts! Now that's great news because let me tell you ... the baking posts will be SO delicious you'll be drooling all around yourself.

So what's coming up in April? The deadly delicious posts about Sara's Baked Creations! I'll be blogging each day of the month of April except Sundays. Each post will be loaded with super tasty pictures which will trigger your sweet tooth and have you craving for dessert! Promise. While the challenge lasts I'll discontinue the regular blog posts, i.e. the Tweet Logs and ButtMustGo updates during the start of the month and the Wacky Finds during mid month. Look for all of these entries at their regular dates in May!

Speaking of May I have lots of awesomeness planned for the blog ahead. I won't jot down all of my thoughts but let me give you all some previews. There's definitely going to be a Harry Potter related month of blogging soon. I will also be starting LOTS of art and creativity projects and will be doing the show and tell right here on the blog. A mega cleaning entry will also make its way here on my beautiful blog. So there's a LOT planned and a lot coming up soon!

Stay in touch,
Keep loving!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Choo Choo Train and Binges ~ Play Date With Gubby!

Last weekend we had a random let's-go-out moment and suddenly we decided we would head to Virginia for lunch. So Sunday began and I woke up sooner than usual to put together a beautiful outfit and get ready to hit the Tysons Corner Mall. It was a bright Spring morning and I was all dolled up in a very Springy outfit too. My orange and pink floral top and super colorful shoes matched the weather perfectly as I climbed inside bro's car with my mind set on breaking my big bad diet and binging my heart out. Yes, that was my plan. I have been on a strict diet lately but a Sunday outing with the family is just so not the time to think about diets and weight loss. Nuh uh! I was in bring-on-the-delicious-food-baby mode by the time we reached the food court.

Grill Kabob was on our menu that afternoon. We've had an old and beautiful relationship with Grill Kabob. Back when mama had to go to Pakistan to look after my sick Nani we - i.e. me, bro, and Abbie dearest - used to go to Annapolis every week for our Grill Kabob Fridays. Then one day they closed the restaurant's branch over there and we were left heartbroken. We finally found the next closest place here in Virginia and BAM ... Reunited with those juicy gyros. *insert serious drool here* Oh and we also got some Cajun fries from Five Guys and ended up getting way too many because those people are SERIOUSLY generous with their fries' sizes. Note to self: Next time get only one smallest possible size!

I ate that afternoon to my heart's content. I literally sunk my teeth into that juicy piece of Gyro and felt like I had reached Heaven. The chicken kababs were so Tikka-ish and just so delicious and I've always been a fan of Kobeedah kababs and ohhhhh dear they have some serious flavor in their kababs. The Gyro though - ABSOLUTE favorite. I could actually become the brand ambassador for their gyros. Juicy, exploding with delicious flavor, velvety to the feel .. and then top it with that white sauce and my brain actually blows out of my head because HELL-OH this is MAJOR awesomeness I'm talking about! *jaw drops open*

I was full all the way up to my throat when I finally stopped binging eating. I know I know, I had actually planned on over eating today. However, what I hadn't planned for today was a play date with my Gubby doll. Little had I known when I'd stepped out of the house that such an innocent little lunch plan would turn out to be SUCH a fun play date with my darling Gubby. Let me say this before I indulge in the details: WE HAD FUN RAISED TO THE POWER INFINITY!

Whoever came up with the idea of having a train ride inside the mall ... LOOK AT ME, I AM CLAPPING FOR YOU! Genius! Pure genius! Throughout the time while we were eating (and I was stuffing my face with deliciousness) Gubby kept waving at the train every single time it passed by - which was I think every five or so minutes. She kept telling me, "I wanna go on the train!" and I kept telling her we'll go after we finish lunch. So once we finished lunch it was CHOO CHOO TIMEEEEEE! So we decided that I'd go with Gubby and SIL would come too but she wasn't excited and we literally had to drag her *laughs*! Gubby and I, on the other hand, were ecstatic. We both were squealing, literally, inside the choo choo. We were waving at every single person who we passed by (and most of them either smiled or waved at Gubby except this one guy who was so busy eating that he didn't even look up!) and we Gubby kept telling me excitedly everything that she was seeing. We also imitated the way the train was making Choo Choooooo noises.

Confession time: I might ... just might ... have enjoyed the Choo Choo even more than my baby niece! *laughs*

After that absolutely brilliant Choo Choo ride Gubby wanted to play in the play place and, lets be honest, so did I! So we spent some time at the play place where Gubby was a little nervous around the other kids because they were REALLY wild. Some had not bothered to take their shoes off and they kept stepping on other children's hands or feet. Others were jumping from places that weren't meant for jumping. I admit, even I thought I'd get hurt and some kid would jump on me or something! *laughs* Crazy!

Gubby was such an adorable sight, I swear! My heart was melting all over the play place. All over.

My darling doll looked so happy and so excited! She'd thoroughly enjoyed our Choo Choo ride and so had I and the play place was really fun too - minus the mini heart attacks the other children gave me every time I thought their foot or punches came too close to Gubb! Hey, I'm not used to it, so many hyper excited children in one small space really freaked me out! *laughs*

This brilliant Sunday ended with one last binge - the sweet and scrumptious grand finale - COLD STONE CREAMERY'S DEADLY ICE CREAM! I must point out that my brother insisted that I should eat Chocolate Devotion. I swear I had almost said no but he said I'd waste the chance ... well, it's not like I'd followed my diet during lunch anyway so why not? Chocolate Devotion was heavenly. It was a super rich chocolate ice cream loaded with chunks of brownies, chocolate chips, and fudge! They ran out of fudge and asked us if we needed another topping/filling so we went for caramel. My mouth is watering up all over again just thinking about it. It was so deadly. It was so delicious. I think I left a piece of my soul in that ice cream cup. Chocolate devotion ... mmmm mmmm. It's no secret that I am a chocolate devotee. In my defence I only ate half a scoop though because I shared the deadly calories with Abbie. Hey, I tried to control okay?

Last Sunday was AH-MAZING. My play date with Gubby was full of fun and I made such adorable memories to add to my Auntie Tales. The food was delicious, the binge felt so good, my outfit was pretty, the weather was beautiful, and the fun was out of control! I could totally go back for that choo choo right now and I know Gubby will agree with me too!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Blogging From A to Z Challenge April 2017 ~ Theme Reveal

Are you ready for thisssss? I know I am (well I hope I am!) for this is going to be my third year accepting the April A to Z Blogging Challenge! April is arriving soon and here I am gearing up and pulling up my sleeves (to type) for yet another challenge. Oooooh yes, you heard me right, I'm participating in this year's April A to Z Blogging Challenge again! Through out the month I'll be blogging from A to Z each day (except Sundays!). It's going to be AWESOME!

My first year with the The A to Z Challenge was 2015 which went super awesome for me. My theme was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando Florida and blogging about my favorite place on earth and about my favorite BestieTimes was one fun experience (the kind you spell with an over excited capital F). But the awesomeness didn't finish there because I was also featured as one of the 'Themes that rocked the challenge' on the April A to Z website/blog. I was interviewed and THAT felt so good.  Ah, yes yes ... it was all pretty awesome! After so much awesomeness I decided to do the challenge again in 2016. My theme last year was DELICIOUS because I decided to blog about my passion for baking, my hobby and my obsession. My theme last year was All About Sara's Baked Creations! It was REALLY fun blogging about my baking and decorating talents! So I am back once again in 2017! March 20th is officially the Theme Reveal day for all participants of this challenge, so here is my oh-so-awesome theme for this year!

Applause and drum rolls. No actually, not enough. Get up off your seats and start dancing! Standing ovation!!!!!!!!! BEHOLD ...

Once again this year my theme for the A to Z Challenge is going to be the brilliant bakes and cakes I create under the name 'Sara's Baked Creations'! I have so much to show off that I simply wasn't done last year. Not to forget I've baked a lot since last April too and duh I just had to blog about it all. While my theme this time is the same as last year my posts will bring entirely new drool material so brace yourself!

For a quick introduction (in case you missed my blog last year!): I am an obsessed baker and Sara's Baked Creations is all that I bake and decorate. It is my true love; A hobby, a passion, a dream! I started off with cupcakes on January 6th 2011 six years back and my obsession has only grown since then. I became manic; everything possible must be tried and learned in the field of baking! To me baking is an art. It is my talent. It is my creativity. It works as a stress reliever and as a confidence booster for me. Simply put: I LOVE BAKING. Too too much. I've done so much magic with my baking and cake decorating skills over the past six years and this year, thanks to the A to Z, I'm choosing to show off and blog about it all!

Sara’s Baked Creations is on Mission Sweetness! Sara and Abbie are hobby bakers who bake for friends and family only. We are not a commercial bakery business; it gives us joy to spread smiles while enjoying sisterhood and living our passion for baking.

All the mouth-watering pictures in these posts are original Sara's Baked Creations' content. Please have some shame and refrain from copying, recreating, and cheating without giving proper credit and mention!

Get ready to see art in edible form.
Embrace yourself for there shall be deliciousness. 
Prior warning: The following entries may trigger intense drooling sensations resulting from extremely tasty images. Proceed with caution.

This index will populate and links to entries will become active as I complete the daily challenges.
Some of the prompts I have chosen now may change as I decide which awesomeness from Mission Sweetness I'd like to share the most! The post for the letter 'A' is the same as last year's because my introduction to Sara's Baked Creations remains the same!

"A" for All About Sara's Baked Creations
"B" for Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes
"C" for Cinnamon Roll Cookies
"D" for Delicious Snickerdoodles
"E" for Eid Elegance Cupcakes
"F" for Fancy Lace and Flowers Cake
"G" for Grand and Glorious Cake
"H" for Henna Party Cupcakes
"I" for In for Spring ~ Funfetti Cheesecake Chocolate Cupcakes
"J" for Java Fix ~ Coffee Casanova Cupcakes
"K" for Kickass Cookies and Cream Cupcakes
"L" for Lovely Baby Girl Cupcakes
"M" for M&M Fun Cookies
"N" for New Moon Sugar Cookies
"O" for Oops! The Melting Ice Cream Cake
"P" for Pineapple Love ~ ChocoNapple Dream Cake
"Q" for Quite Scrumptious Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies
"R" for Really Rich Mocha Cheesecake Brownies
"S" for Spritz It Up ~ Classic Spritz Cookies
"T" for Tempting Mocha Cheesecake Brownies
"U" for United States of Deliciousness ~ Patriotic Hearts and Pinwheels
"V" for Vibrant Pink Pinwheel Cookies
"W" for Wild Jungle Safari Cake
"X" for XoXo The Lovey Dovey Cookie Tray
"Y" for Yay For Mini Donuts!
"Z" for Zesty Lemon Yogurt Ring

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Wacky Finds Series ~ Volume 24

It's time for Volume 24 of The Wacky Finds Series!
These are a monthly series I started out of sheer awe of how crazy things around me are! Here's what this is about ... Ahem Ahem: When my awesome self steps out of my bed each morning I meet a world of crazies. People, things, phenomena, and acts of nature which are simply too unusual to miss and not record! The Wacky Finds Series will cover all the weird stuff that I find along my way; good weird, awkward weird, bad weird, I-totally-don't-get-this weird .. all kinds of weird shall be recorded and snapped without any discrimination!

The first wacky find this month is one of my silly doodles! I love my round face doodles so much. I doodled this one in the craft store near a Sharpie display aisle. They'd made the entire shelves' walls doodle-able and everybody had written all over it so I couldn't resist. I doodled my famous world renown silly face there!

Please explain. Please somebody explain this to me. What .. or rather I should ask WHY!?

I've seen some pretty creative shop displays in all my life but this one was just too much. It was creepy actually walking past this. Those eyes on the yarn heads were FOLLOWING me I promise!

We didn't get a snowy winter this year so I'm remembering one of the recent winter seasons when I'd found a snow heart on the ground on my way to the university. It was the most adorable sight ever and that early in the morning it just woke me up and brought a big smile on my face.

Have you seen this pretty thing before? This is one of the wacky craft projects I am up to right now!

That's all folks! Until the next five Wacky Finds, have a wacky day!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Little Lego House

My darling two year old niece loves me. She loves her 'Beeya' (me!) and everything about her. Her favorite place in the house is 'Beeya yoom' (Beeya's room) where she loves the colors and the toys in my closet. My room, as Abbie calls it, is the Disney Land of our house for Gubby darling. It's no doubt how much she loves spending time with me but greater than that love is what I hold for Gubby in my heart. That little kid is my love, my tiny little friend, my play mate ... it seems like she's my life. I make sure my room and our activities don't become boring and repetitive; to be stuck in a rut is the last thing I want to happen in our lives. So I keep coming up with new games, different ways of playing with the same toys, and new activities to enjoy with Gubby. Our most recent awesomeness: Our beautiful little lego house!

I've built this lego house in great detail for Gubby to play with. It's extremely bright and colorful, very girly looking, and ... ADORABLE! There's a fully functional front door, a pillar, a chimney, and even a dish antenna which was an addition by Abbie. Wait wait wait, it doesn't finish there: CARS! I've even built two cars with functional spinning wheels which park beside the house in our little pretend driveway parking. Our little house has two windows too and two rooms with a dining table in the middle as well. Imagine? Have you seen such a pretty lego house ever? EVAAAAA? Time for details!

The front door of our little lego house actually opens and shuts. We don't have an actual door bell but we rely on 'knock knockkkk' and 'ding dongggggg' and trust me that works!

The house is built to be as colorful as possible and that little blue bit jutting out from the side ... well it wasn't supposed to be anything; just a piece of odd lego because I couldn't find another block which was the right size but mama happened to come to my room one day and asked me, "What is that, the dryer vent?" Imagine how much would I have laughed in that moment! Oh and notice the shade/awning too ... sometimes Gubby and I pretend these are our two parking spots and there's shade on top for the cars to stand under.

Isn't it gorgeous? I think I should have been an architect *laughs* ... hey, I did want to be an interior designer at one point in my life, it was the time when I played The Sims and LOVED the build and buy modes! But that's totally another story ... right now, let's show off the insides of our beautiful little lego house!

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It's big and spacious and has two rooms and two windows with a beautiful view as well! It's very scenic, trust me! *laughs*

Those are our cars. All four wheels actually spin and Gubby loves driving the cars all around in my room. When I built the cars from her lego blocks I intended the curvy block to be the front of the car but Gubby often changes that around. Sometimes she drives it one way and other times another way. She just announces that it's time to sit in the car and then says, "Vroom!"

That's the beautiful pillar of our house. It is visible both from the outside and the inside of the house. It's basically just for added beauty (detailed architecture, remember?) and sometimes Gubby will decide it is a lollipop, break it off the house, and pretend to lick it from all sides. Crazy!

This is the very fabulous antenna which makes sure we get all satellite signals properly inside our beautiful house. This was an addition by Abbie the great and it was such a creative feature that we just couldn't want anything else to be made out of those blocks. I just raised the antenna a bit higher and created a second window for the house. Hey, the antennae have to be positioned properly for the signals to be strong okay?

Silly me, I mentioned a second window but never showed off the first one. That's the first window I'd built for the house, one that looks out onto the driveway/parking area. Very scenic view I tell you ... very very scenic!

You're now looking at the kitchen and dining area which is basically the division between the two rooms also. That little purple raised section on the right is our make belief stove and kitchen and the light blue block on the left is our dining table. We cook all kinds of food here and enjoy something new everyday. So far we've had Khichri, Pasta, Biryani, Samosa, Chicken and Rice, Daal, and the list goes on and on and on ...

The second window .. also with a very scenic view! *laughs*
But hey here's the important question: Who lives in this gorgeous house of ours? Who are the lucky people who get to stay in this absolutely awesome house?

Meet baby and doggie! They're the lucky residents of this adorable little lego house!

The first room belongs to the baby and the second room belongs to doggie. As you can see, they're pretty spacious and very comfortable for sleeping as well!

The baby answers the door when somebody comes and rings the door bell. Gubby understands that most of the other toys are a little too big for our house so she makes them sit outside and ring the door bell, then she waits for somebody to answer the door, and when they do she makes the bigger toy call the baby and doggie outside to play. Such a genius kid Gubby is, bless her!

See how perfectly sized and awesome our luxury car is? Yes, luxury car.

Baby and doggie loveeeeeeeeeee their house!

Just showing off how much space it has! *laughs*
When I was done building this adorable house for baby, doggie, Gubby, and I there were still a couple of lego blocks left over. I thought for a long time about what else I could make. I tried adding more blocks to create some more things for the house like a third window or something. However, no matter what I did I thought it didn't look good enough and then I got hit with a fabulous idea. I thought about what Gubby liked and then I decided I would build a park for baby and doggie! BRILLIANT!

Tadaaaaaaaaaa! Isn't that an awesome fun lego park? Gubby LOVED this so much! When I told her we were taking baby and doggie to the park she looked happy but when she saw I'd built a play park for her right there in my room the look on her face was PRICELESS! She was ecstatic!

The first feature in our park is this jumper thingy. Gubby pretends that baby and doggie climb onto this and then jump for fun!

This brilliant park also has a brilliant slide! Gubby pretend slides over this so the blocks don't fall over but she loves doing it!

Finally, last but not least, and my most favorite is the see saw! I am actually very proud of myself for thinking of THIS from the blocks I had left over. Gubby loves it too!

See how much fun this park looks?

I'm pleasantly surprised at how many things I could make out of the box of lego Gubby had. There's even two telephones that I've made earlier - one for Gubby and the other mine. So we have a beautiful little house, two cars, and an entire park and you'd think wow that's all that is needed. However, over the past week or two Gubby has already requested so many more things in the house (like a separate bathroom instead of pretending that there is one) that I think we'll need to buy her more lego blocks. She even said it herself, "Beeya, when we go to store we get noo moah (new more) bocksh (blocks) and then we make baaboom (bathroom)!" This kid is SERIOUS adorable ... I think she'll kill me with her cuteness one of these days. If I survive though I'll be back to show off whatever new awesomeness we make with our lego!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Graphics To Love!

I love this graphic so much - it means a lot! I've noticed lately that almost every single woman I meet or know has some or the issue with their body. I say this including my own dear self. I want to lose weight because I think I have excess baggage to carry. A friend of mine, who I look at and think she's the perfect weight, thinks she is under weight and is trying to gain a few pounds. She believes I'm crazy to fuss over weight loss and I believe she is absolutely bonkers for wanting to gain extra weight. We ladies all around the world are always struggling with our bodies. Why can't we all just love ourselves and hug ourselves and be happy? I'm not an advocate of being over or under weight but I think women should take it easy - including myself. If you're trying to gain or lose just try your best and then patiently wait for the results. I need to make a mental note of this!

Never ever. They take you for granted and believe you will always be available no matter what. Eventually they'll forget you have a life of your own and will want you to be there for them regardless of what is happening in your own life. They won't care for your happiness or your sadness, your stress or sorrow, your rest or your health ... eventually you'll be the useless nobody.

I chose to embrace whatever was happening in my life and instead of fretting over every single thing I tried to accept it and learn from it. It's very difficult to have that kind of a positive outlook all the time but it works wonders!

I do, I really really do. I'd rather be at home than go out and party. My own space means a lot to me.

and then stress makes me gain weight and then I stress about the stressful weight gain and stress over how to lose it! *laughs*
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