Sunday, June 17, 2012

JunPhoMo 17th

Yesterday's prompt did not work for me. I had nothing for 'Gay Pride' or 'Kites', so I didn't blog! Today's prompt is 'I wake up to'! Here's my picture:

This is a picture of my room when it wasn't fully set; we had shifted to a new house and this was the first night in my new room! I wake up to a gazillion colors and I like to keep it that way so that at least even if stuff goes wrong in life, my room looks bright and happy! The colorful bottom shows my comforter which has a lot of colors and girly patterns on it and matches perfectly with the lamps that I have in my room. The black thingy on the right is my desk chair on which there are cushions that I decorate my bed with. The bookshelf in this picture only has a couple of my shields and awards for academic success and Harry Potter, but now I've set my room properly so even the book shelf looks cute and colorful. 

My curtains aren't visible in this picture but personally I love the window treatments that I've paired in my room! I have a white lace curtain that always lines the window so that my windows are never 'naked' *laughs*. Over that (see picture) is a white satin curtain which has pink, blue, and purple ruffles on it; this one I bought so that the sunlight doesn't fade away my main curtains. The main curtains are a mix and match pair of two colorful curtains that have similarly girly designs and colors on them just as my comforter.
More about my room later, because there is a prompt about 'My bedroom' later on in June Photography Month!

- S. Ali

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