Wednesday, June 20, 2012

JunPhoMo 19th

Yeah, so I am late; it's the 20th and I'm blogging about the 19th of June. So what? Who is watching? Who sets the rules? Guess who does ... ME! My blog, I can blog about stuff as late as an entire year if I wish to *satisfied smile*. Hmm, so where were we? Yep, prompt for JunPhoMo for the 19th is so awesome I just had to blog: 'Siblings'! Yayyy!

That's us! From left to right, that is my older brother, me, and my older sister! And they aren't just stuffed toys that I decided to simply relate to the three of us, they actually look a lot like us, and even the chipmunks' characters in the movies were very similar to us. My brother is the tallest and wears glasses, he is the nerd/geek of my house in real life too. My sister is the smartest, tallest, slimmest, and her name starts with A. Also the nick I call her by, 'Abbie' also starts with an A, and just like Alvin she has the best plans to deal with anything and everything. As for me, I'm the chubby one, the silliest and cutest one and the one who would be found near food with biiiiiiig eyes. Also, the youngest and the cared for by both siblings, just like the picture shows. I also (without boasting) am the stupid link between the three of us, I love it when we have happy-together times, laugh, and have fun, and I would rather prefer hanging out together wherever we go to have fun, instead of my brother escaping away to enjoy with his friends all the time.

- S. Ali

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