Wednesday, June 20, 2012

JunPhoMo 20th

Prompt for the 20th of June, 'Anything Nature Related' OR 'Something New'. And I have a picture that somewhat fulfills both of them. It is definitely related to nature and I took it when I had my very first experience with it. Here it is:

My very first personal experience with snow! I had heard of it, I had seen it on TV and in movies and pictures in books and magazines. I had even a few times seen it on mountains when I went on vacation to places such as Oslo. BUT never had I experienced a live snow fall. The feeling of my first snow was amazing, the silent snow fall, the gradual accumulation, and then the peaceful view of everything white. The wonderfully soft feeling of touching snow, of gathering it in one place to create a snow man from it, and the fabulous sense of accomplishment when your snowman looks back at you happily. Here is a picture of my life's first ever snowman!

Meet Mr. Boogey!

- S. Ali

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