Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Royal Blue Dressing DIY!

Judging from the look of my blog, my passion of baking, and the DIY stuff I have uploaded earlier, it is not surprising that I absolutely LOVE creating outfits and styles for myself! I decided since I have a blog now, I would upload some of the outfits I've put together for myself in the past.

This is an outfit I put together for an evening get together; an all ladies gathering! A very sophisticated one where I wasn't planning to dress up too much, yet I couldn't go casual and plain just like that either. The dress, Shalwaar Kameez in this case is one of my most favorite in my closet full of clothes. I got this on my 18th birthday as a birthday gift and I wore it to my birthday lunch. I LOOKED GORGEOUS, okay? NO KIDDING, I did! I looked drop dead gorgeous, the end. *winks*

But anyway, on my birthday I had REALLY dressed up, with a lot of bangles, huge earrings and stuff .. but this time I went low on the jewelry.

See how gorgeous my dress is? Imagine how gorgeous I would have looked in it? *winks*

For my hair, I basically just pulled them into a neat high pony tail, and then brought the pony tail all the way forward and let them hang loose on my shoulder. Looked very decent! Since I am the 'ALL-MATCHING' kind of girly girl, I couldn't settle for mismatched hair accessories. So I used the exact same colors of my dress and picked two bands, which I then combined and twisted so that they would look like one single pony/band.

Remember I said I was going decent but not casual? I decided to wear a few bangles, perfectly matching with my awesome dress there. Honestly I don't know if there is even a single girl in this world who doesn't love bangles?! About 14 bangles, not too much, yet matching and sufficient!

I love rings too! BASICALLY I LOVE JEWELRY OF ALL KINDS! But yeah, rings are amazing, and recently I've developed the interest in BIG rings, those that cover more than just one finger, know what I mean? I bought one a few months back which I am in love with, and then another one that I have YET to wear. This is the one that I had paired with this dress too, but then I ended up not wearing this because it was too much for the gathering, so I STILL HAVE TO WEAR IT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! Check it out:

As for the earrings, I am an earring lover! For this gathering, since I had already not worn a lot of jewelry or anything heavy as such I decided to wear light earrings, but long dangly ones. Again, they were exactly matching my dress!

Finally, there is no outfit complete unless you have a matching bag to go with it! I have SO many bags, it's crazy! Thanks to my awesome parents I have literally every other color I need to carry with my dresses. Mom and dad keep getting me more and more bags, plus my wonderful sister Abbie has also started doing that. The one I carried with this dress was bought for me by my dad, amazing choice, fabulous bag, outstandingly classic, and perfectly matching with my outfit:

All set, completely matching, everything shouting class and sophistication; THAT IS ONE AWESOME OUTFIT!

- S. Ali

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