Sunday, January 18, 2015

December In Comics

December was SUCH a weird month, bless us for surviving it! It started off with the awkward silence after Dad went back; the food menu was going to come back to normal, there would be no pressure round the clock, and a jet-lagged person wasn't sleeping around randomly *laughs*. He reached home safely, thank goodness! The Birthday fest in our house came to an end too in December with Abbie's birthday being the fashionable end and Gubby's day of birth topping it off like a cherry on top of the cake! November had been SO busy, when the calendar announced it was over and December had started, I swear it felt like post war era for Abbie and I!

Baby Fest
OctoNovember are already the BIG birthday months for my family but this year it felt like the entire world had either been born in these months (also December!) or were now giving birth to babies at this time of the year! I mean, TALK about major major BABY FEST! Most of my friends have birthdays in October, November, and December so that my Facebook becomes totally crazy notifying me everyday of somebody's birthday. On top of that I heard at least FIVE people finishing up their pregnancies and giving birth to round cuddlies all at the same time. Then I also attended a baby shower (which by the way was so well done and such fun, I had a blast!).

Finally, while I understand that all babies are really cute and all ... my Gubby is THE BEST! She is special because she is MY little baby niece, has super adorable chubby cheeks, and has made me aunt for the first time in my life ever! So obviously something special was needed for this special baby; Abbie and I hosted the PERFECT party to welcome her to this world and introduce her to all those who know us. A grand Baby Welcome Tea Party hosted by Team Phuppo welcomed December, leaving the two of us really tired! Pictures and details of the party shall be blogged about soon (and I really need to kick myself now because I haven't blogged in detail since October!).

Sick Sick Sick ... and More Sick .. and Sick Again!
WOW! I fell sick SO much during December I grew sick of falling and feeling sick. The month started with me catching a terrible flu after which I hurt my arm and ended up at the doctor's office. I was prescribed some nasty antibiotics which started making me spin around and feel all fuzzy so that I couldn't drive Fawkes around either. And finally when at least the flu was getting better I decided to wash a gazillion of Gubby's clothes and ended up pulling my arm muscle; MORE PAIN, how cool is that?!

State of Emergency
I swear, the time right before we went for vacation (more on that later!) was so hectic, it had Abbie and I running around crazy! We hardly had time to squeeze in the party preparations with our packing, yet more and more issues kept on arising. I declared a state of emergency when I couldn't find clothes to pack for my grand grad trip. I ran to Abbie and sadly found her in a similar situation! Panic panic paniccccccc!

On the Brighter Side
We got THREE Bestie days at the mall this month instead of our regular two! The lady who does mama's hair messed up a little bit so we went in again for it to be redone properly. While mama was sulking about the hair, bestie and I were having the time of our lives sharing cake pops and gossip!

The Grand Grad Trip 2014
I am going to be blogging so much about this, it's not even funny! We were waiting for this trip since an year and OH MY GOD what a fantabulously amazing time we both had. For just a trailer let me list a couple of things we did: Pirates of the Caribbean, Waffles and Pancakes, MCD Vanilla Cones, Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Universal Orlando, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Macy's Parade, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando, Hogwarts Express from Kings Cross's Platform 9 3/4, Knight Bus, Grimmauld Place, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, Hogswarts, The Escape from Gringotts, The Forbidden Journey, Butterbeer, Florean Fortescue's Premium Ice Creams, Mythos, Hobbit, Hard Rock Cafe ...... AND SO MUCH MORE!!! My blog will soon be bombarded with LOADS of entries about this trip!

Wishing the World a Very Very Happy New Year!


S. Ali

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