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A Pretty Little Liars Obsession

"You'll love it!" said Abbie, trying her best to persuade me into watching Pretty Little Liars. I had finally finished watching Gossip Girl, my all time favorite show, and was now roaming around on planet Earth looking for something else to watch. When I first heard a summary from Abbie, murders and mystery didn't sound like my things. I wanted girly glam and cheesy bits like Gossip Girl but still decided to give Pretty Little Liars a try; my sister would never suggest something horrible and if I didn't like it I could discontinue watching any second. What was the harm, yes?

Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily made a fashionable entry into my life last year and since then I have been addicted! I do not get a chance to lay in bed all day, cuddled up in my blanket, watching Netflix the way I dream to so I've only managed to watch till season 3 so far (keep those spoilers away from me or watch me turn into Hulk!). Up until the start of season 4 Pretty Little Liars is just fabulous! It has the right mix of girly, glam, and fun paired with murder and mystery for a person like me who just finished watching Gossip Girl. What I love the most is watching the girls' friendship, having always had fake backstabbing buddies in my life. An 'S.O.S' text is all they need to call a meeting at any time of the day and at any place in the world. They stick to each other, they have each others' backs, they keep secrets, they care ... they are more like sisters than just friends!
I love watching friendships on TV, to me it is something unrealistic that fits the drama genre perfectly. So it makes absolute sense that a show centered on a strong friendship attracts me! While I love all the cast members and love-hate some of the negative characters, I do have my favorites! I also have reasons to love or hate them!
Prior warning, this may contain SPOILERS for those who haven't reached season 4 yet (I like to believe there are people in the world who are behind me in watching Pretty Little Liars!). So proceed at your own risk! Don't say I didn't warn you!

She is my favorite. I love her sense of style, love her love for shopping, love her care free and frank attitude, love her cute and cuddly behavior, LOVE LOVE LOVE her. I relate with her because I've had weight issues myself in the past, and even today, when I have lost twenty something kilos (which by the way is forty something pounds) I still continue to struggle with maintaining my weight. So the emotional connection was built right at the start of the show with Hanna. I guess when you've gone through bullying because you're not a walking skeleton and you've fought your battle with calories which seem to be recruiting an ever growing army against you, you automatically connect with those like you. Out of all the four ladies in the show, Hanna takes the number one spot in my favorites list.

Even though sometimes Aria can be a total idiot (in my opinion!), she follows Hanna on my favorites list. I love her dressing sense too, except when she wears creepy stuff like giant spiders for necklaces. I love how petite she is, it makes her look really cute. It is always fun watching her act because she looks effortless and so real you feel like you actually know this person in real life. I love the relationship she has with her mother; open and fun. I hate her choice in men though! I mean seriously, Jason was so much more drool-able than Ezra!

Next up on my favorites list is Spencer, closely following Aria. I am not a fan of how she dresses up because I always find it formal or boring casual. The spot where we connect is her nerdy nature. I've been a high achiever student all my life and when I see her studying from giant books (notice the plural) which is always followed by a stiff neck and unlimited stress it reminds me of myself!

My least favorite is Emily. I find her stubborn and the least cooperative of all four. When you have a plan she'll either not follow or when you don't have a plan she'll make a foolish one in haste and end up totally ruining everything for the others. I do not like her taste in clothes at all, which probably comes from the fact that I am not sporty at all now. There is nothing in her character that I can relate to either. On top of it all I do not like the way she acts, she has this weird expression that she keeps projecting repetitively which I can't put down in words; it makes her look like she needs to get constipation treated.

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Let me progress to the men in this show next. I don't think I can pick an ordered list of favorites as far as the men are concerned because some are almost at the same spot of hatred or like for me. I can explain why or why not I like some of them though!
Word of warning: If you've proceeded this far despite the SPOILER alert I previously mentioned, it is obvious that you have no care in the world and want to spoil a show for yourself. So again, just as a formal duty of a human being, let me warn the world that there are SPOILERS ahead. The spoilers that follow reveal relationships so proceed at your own risk!

Hanna is my favorite and I am so glad she has a nice boyfriend too. Caleb is probably the best boyfriend out of all the others in the show. He has this sisterly-friendly feel about him and the super emotional bit makes him super cute. He doesn't look bad either. I always joke around with my sister about him; imagine him as a two pony-tailed little girl, always by your side, giving you nice and comforting hugs and always supporting you like a sister. Yeah, that is what he is, just in male form which makes it totally ideal (minus the pony tails!)

Okay, look at that smile he keeps throwing at everybody. I know that there are girls out there in this crazy world that I live in who probably feel weak in their knees when they see him smile like that. In my case, I hate it. The guy is blessed with some seriously beautiful set of teeth but that does not mean you constantly shoot them out at passersby. I hate it when he gives those cheeky smiles and those boyish expressions. Behave like the man you're trying to portray; you're a teacher, not a high school kid yourself. Personally, Aria loses a lot of points from me just because she chose Ezra!

Toby is one of those okay guys in the show. I felt terrible for him in season one when he used to hide in dumpsters and cry because he was bullied and hated. I cried with him in fact when he did that once. Then came season two and three and he was transformed into this super cool leather jacket wearing kind of a guy. He was still okay for me, I never really fancied him. It was nice to watch him because he too was sort of Caleb-ish in being emotional and understanding. Then happened season three where I started sensing something fishy in his character, and was proven right when they revealed he was part of the A team (sorry if you ignored all the previous spoiler warnings!). Even though they showed him as the good guy, I still have my doubts about him!

Somebody please find this poor guy a decent woman! First Melissa, then Spencer, then even Hanna, and then back to Spencer. What is wrong with this person? His British accent is instant drool, yes, but he still doesn't wow me enough to be an absolute fan. I don't like his desperation around Spencer and from what I've seen recently, his helpful attitude towards Mona has me eyeing him with doubts too! I think he's going to end up being part of the A team too!

Now this is one guy I really like! He looks nice, he has this super cool way of speaking which is total drool, and his hair are awesome! Why did Aria end up choosing cheeky Ezra over awesome Jason? She must be totally crazy in the head. I mean look at him. I do think he could easily end up being A or part of that team but even if that happens I know I won't end up disliking him. He'll then be one of those dark characters who you totally love, even though they are the villains of a show!

Now, for some of the other ladies in the show ...

I am not even explaining this ... I hate Paige. I find her really creepy, she makes me dislike Emily even more than I already do, and I do not like her acting at all. Go away Paige.

Oh, isn't she the negative character you totally would want to slap?! She plays a negative character so well, you love to hate her. The way she talks evil in the most friendliest and calm voice tones just makes you want to punch her in the face and then run away. I loved the way she played crazy, it was so real it scared me! Season four has her being shown in some positive light, but honestly I would want her to be a negative character right till the very end of this show!

Here is another character I totally feel like slapping. Alison is a horrible horrible person, and honestly I fail to understand why Aria, Hanna, Spencer, and Emily were even friends with her in the first place. She insulted them, taunted and teased them, made fun of their problems, and played around with them. Why did they possibly put up with her?  Failure of understanding happening right here! I hate Alison for the kind of bully that she is. I don't even want to think about the people who could possibly feel a connection to her character or those who can relate to her.

Anyhow, I am obsessed with Pretty Little Liars at the moment. Each time a police car passes by I tell Abbie it is detective Wilden. Once, while I was watching Pretty Little Liars there was a scene when the girls received a text from A and their phones beeped at the same time, and mine rang too! I freaked out and said, 'Hello!' thinking it was my mother calling from her chiropractor. It was a random creepy man who said, "Hi, remember me?" I hung up and sat there frozen for a second before realizing what had just happened and then laughed at myself! I went around drawing A signs in the snow throughout winter to play around with Bestie Abbie for some fun too. It was the height of creepy when the banana bits I was eating at night had A written on them! A is following me everywhere, I'm telling you! *laughs*

I just can't wait to dive deeper into the mysteries of season four! Let's see what happens and who else turns out to be somebody nobody would have ever expected!

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