Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My 3D Hand Drawing Pictorial

Now doesn't that look absolutely cool? I'd been looking for a cool way to start crafting away with my newly bought fresh Sharpies and found this idea being pinned away madly on Pinterest. It looked easy and so fabulous that I had to try it instantly!
A 3D hand drawing is much more cooler than the original 2D hand drawing I was made to do when I was a kid in school. The best part is that it is actually very easy to complete and all it takes is three steps. All you need is a paper, pencil, your hand (Duh!), and Sharpies in colors of your choice. Let's get started then!

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I began with a fresh piece of A4 size paper and drew my hand on it using a pencil. I drew my fingers, my palm, and a little bit of my wrist as well.

Using a black colored Sharpie, I then drew horizontal lines on the entire drawing. The lines are supposed to be parallel throughout, except where you've drawn your hand; that is where you draw an upward curve to give it the 3D effect. The curves will continue all through the fingers, the palm, and the wrist. In between the fingers I connected with straight parallel lines.

Last step is the coloring. I wanted my drawing to have girly colors because I intend to use it in my scrapbook so I decided to use pink, orange, and yellow. Using each color one by one trace the black lines you've originally drawn. When you're done, fill in empty spaces with the same colors so that there are no white areas left in your drawing. When you're done, step back and you'll find your hand looking like it's coming out of the paper!

I'm not usually too good at drawing, unless you're counting my adorable original doodles. I loved that this was a DIY project easy enough for me to successfully complete. A 3D hand drawing can even be made by little children or those who do not have any experience with drawings. Personally, I can think of numerous uses for this project: As a gift, as a framed art piece on a wall, as a greeting card cover, as a scrapbook page, and etc. I totally want to do this for my sister too and it will be super cool if I could somehow sketch out my baby niece's hand (she is almost four months old) each year and then compile all of them together to gift her when she grows up. Now all I need to do is find her at a time when she patiently lets me trace out her hand on paper.

This is an accomplishment from my Bucket List too!


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    1. I found it wasn't too time consuming and in the end it was worth it because it turned out so beautiful :)


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