Saturday, April 18, 2015

Platform Nine and Three Quarters at King's Cross Station

It was there, standing in all its perfection, a complete replica of the real King's Cross Station. My heart squealed in excitement when I got the first glimpse. I was finally here, at the newly created extension of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida. This was it!

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We did not go inside the station on our first day, it was more important to check out Diagon Alley first because Abbie and I would explode with impatient excitement like a balloon if we didn't finally get to see the magic now. Instead, Abbie and I decided to check out King's Cross, Platform Nine and Three Quarters, and the Hogwarts Express experience further on while we vacationed.

Having been very young when I actually visited London, I remembered bits and pieces of the place. King's Cross was not one of those memories I could recall but I had done my homework. Before setting out I had Googled a quick search and taken in all the details I could possibly see in pictures. The Station is REALLY an exact replica! Boards announce arrivals and departures of trains, the ushers are properly dressed inside as they would in London, and there are even advertisements that you'd see in London.

Dustbins that read, 'London'

The waiting experience is pleasant because first of all you're under a roof so you're not being brutally tormented by whichever weather you have when you've planned a visit. Secondly, you see all the cool bags and trunks piled up and you find nice photo opportunities. Third, if like me, you're visiting with a Bestie beside you you're overly excited and can't be anything but happy!

Just when my patience was beginning to erupt out of my nostrils because I really wanted to ride the train immediately, BAM! Magic in my face. The magic wall entrance to Platform Nine and Three Quarters took my by surprise. People were actually fading away into the wall just like they would in the books and the movies. Woah!! How cool is that?! Oh my God I need to have my video captured doing this! I am a witch, I am going to Hogwarts. SOMEBODY PINCH ME BACK TO REALITY BEFORE I HAVE A CARDIAC ARREST! Abbie and I took turns doing this. First, Abbie walked in and I captured her video, then she came back and did the same for me before we made our way to the platform.

Beautiful. The Hogwarts Express was stationed in front of our eyes. It was a scene out of the movies. Oh my God, I need to breathe!! The next bunch of minutes I went wild taking in all the details, all the magic, all the perfection, and taking pictures. Abbie and I had our pictures snapped against the train as our backgrounds, the platform behind us, the trunks behind us ....
There was so much to see and our excitement was going out of control!

We were finally next in line to board the train

A view of the insides of the Hogwarts Express's compartment. An exact replica of what we'd enjoyed watching in the movies.

After a fabulous ride experience we got off at The Hogsmeade Station. Tip: Get a two park ticket or you don't get to experience the magic like we did! The ride on the Hogwarts Express was different both ways. When we boarded from King's Cross and got off at Hogsmeade we encountered Dementors. On our way back we saw the Weasley twins and the Knight Bus. It was perfect! The only possible addition they could have added to this more-than-awesome experience was a real food trolley. But the ride was short and I couldn't see how they could have incorporated that in without increasing the wait times to several hours!

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