Monday, April 20, 2015

Quality Quidditch Supplies

The first shop when we entered Diagon Alley was Quality Quidditch Supplies. From the inside, it is linked to Shutterbuttons (more on that in another entry!). Even though I wasn't a fan of sports at all, I was always fascinated by Quidditch. Well obviously, (a) it was Harry Potter-ish and (b) it had magic involved .. does that even count as a sport?! I think it's uber coolness right there. The idea of flying around playing a game was more fun to me than the average Muggle sports. Abbie and I visited this shop while we waited for our Shutterbutton's DVD to be ready. Inside, it was uber cool too!

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The display banners that hang outside the shop are really cool. I'd love to have something like that hanging beside my Harry Potter themed bookshelf in my room. Seriously, no kidding! The Quaffles and the Snitch hanging from those classic iron hangers look great and give you THE authentic feel when visiting Quality Quidditch Supplies.

Inside the shop we found a fireplace (instant reminder of Floo Powder somehow!) that had a Chudley Cannons poster displayed above the mantel. The shop was full of people looking around and buying stuff that was sporty. I saw kids freaking out over how gorgeous some of the shirts were.

Me being the non-sporty kind, the display of the shop appealed more to me than the actual merchandise. The best product they were selling were the hoodies but Abbie and I already had identical Gryffindor hoodies sitting in a suitcase back in our hotel room, waiting for a colder night to fall upon us so we could strut around happily in them.

For a minute I stopped near the bottles they were selling but then decided they were too plain and now that I had graduated I wouldn't be needing them. I bet for a sporty fan these would make a perfect buy!

All around the shop there were classic displays of brooms-related stuff. I really enjoyed taking pictures of the wax they had displayed and let's just not forget I was drooling over that broom (can I take that home for display in my room, please?) and the quaffles. SUPER COOL STUFF I TELL YOU!


  1. Finally a quidditch post!

    Stephen Tremp
    A-Z Co-host
    Q is for Quantum Mechanics

  2. I wouldn't mind taking a ride on a broom. I'd even play quidditch since I wouldn't be me. :-)
    Take 25 to Hollister
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

    1. Hhahahaha! I wouldn't mind flying on a broom either! :D


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