Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Three Broomsticks

What is a vacation without good food? And what harm is it if good food is combined with some awesome shawsome magical experience? That is exactly what The Three Broomsticks at Hogsmeade is: a combination of seriously good food and a seriously magical setting! Add sisters and best friends to that equation and you have a mega explosion of brilliancy!

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Abbie and I were stunned with magic right at the entrance of The Three Broomsticks. This place was so authentic, complete with those broomsticks hanging above the entrance, the wreaths, the moose heads, and the cleaning equipment standing in a cart above the main floor.

I fell in love with the chandeliers, decorated with gorgeous wreaths, hanging above our heads as we waited in line. It was all very classic and nobody (not even the sad people who did not like the Harry Potter series) could deny that the magic of Harry Potter existed for real standing here. Seriously, how cool will this place get after every two steps I take?!

A really fall-ish decor arrangement of pumpkins and cooking utensils sat in the window displays of The Three Broomsticks. When inside and waiting in line the display was right there for me to happily take pictures of.

The waiting wasn't too bad because luckily we had found the place at a time when the lines were shorter. We reached the ordering counters after a short and sweet wait. At the counters you get to pick up your trays yourself and head to the tables, unlike the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley where we were served right on our tables. I didn't mind obviously, I was too busy taking in all the magic.

The food here is the same as The Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley (or at least as far as I remembered reading the menu). The first time when we had visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando Diagon Alley did not exist, so this was the only Potterish restaurant at Universal Orlando Resort and we were tasting all the entrees for the first time. We ordered the Fish and Chips for the whole family and .... drool. The fish was so delicious! I'm not a fan of sea food but I do eat fish and chips and stuff like shrimps etc. if they've been cooked really well. OH MY GOD THIS FISH HAS TO BE MY FAVORITE FISH IN THE WORLD! Abbie and I both were in love with this food. The fish did not smell, it had no bitter taste like fish usually tasted to us, and oh my dear God that crispy outer covering ... please excuse me and proceed on because I have created a drool flood here!

When Abbie and I decided to make an early entry to the park by ourselves (leaving behind mama and bro at the hotel room to sleep in) we decided to try something other than the fish and chips. We wanted to try a dessert too so we opted for the kids menu for a smaller portion of our food so that we'd have space left in our stomachs for dessert and a possible mug of Butterbeer later on during the day. The Macaroni and Cheese for kids was another tasty dish! It came with grapes (Abbie, why are there grapes with this? .. I don't know, let's eat ... *dives in*) and the combination was a perfect hit on my tongue!

For dessert we ordered the Cranachan. OH MY GOD. Should I talk about how gorgeous it looked or how delicious it tasted? The flavors were dancing around in my mouth as Abbie and I shared this deathly awesome deliciousness!!! Seriously, if this place is fabulous in recreating the magic of Harry Potter, it is equally fantastic in providing a very flavorful and satisfying food experience as well!

While we sat eating we noticed there were shadows moving upstairs and from time to time we could hear somebody cleaning up the place. Of course no, nobody is there .. it's just this awesome effect they've created, one of the many that make this place seem so magical and alive!

The delicious food was double the fun because Abbie and I were thoroughly enjoying the magic of The Three Broomsticks! I wanted to have my picture snapped against the wall that had the giant fireplace surrounded by moose heads but I couldn't because of so many people stuffing down the delicious food they had ordered! Hopefully there is a next time ...



  1. LOL Was wondering hen the broom sticks might pop in.

    1. There can't be Harry Potter without broomsticks :D

  2. I had an idea this would be the T post.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Co-host
    T is for Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Teleportation

    1. It's too great of a place to not mention :)

  3. My desire is to create a world that is as enticing as Harry Potter's world has proven to be. I also write middle grade fiction, and JK Rowling is my heroine for making this genre for the public. It is the perfect age to write for. They are struggling with everything that adults have already learned and are very intense.

    1. Hey Mary,
      I agree, the age group is pretty intense :)
      I wish you all the best with your writing!


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