Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Vanishing Cabinet Through Knockturn Alley

The dark side never really has cookies, does it? Nevertheless, Abbie and I were overly excited to walk through Knockturn Alley, the dark and gloomy alley that leads away from the bright and magical Diagon Alley in Universal Studios.

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The real impact of Knockturn Alley shows up on you if you visit during the day. I say that because one second you're walking in daylight through Diagon Alley and the instant you step into Knocturn Alley it is instant night time. I have absolutely no idea how they manage to make everything so authentic in these parks .. but the whole night time effect in Knockturn Alley is really cool. I couldn't imagine what this place would be like if they hadn't kept it permanent night time in here!

My favorite effect was the night time sky they've created inside. It is really breathtaking when you stand beneath it and look up. It sort of reminded me of the Dark Mark appearing in the skies. I swear for a second I thought one would appear out of nowhere and next thing we'll know would be Death Eaters landing around us!

One of the creepy lock displays in Knockturn Alley

Another creepy display ... This window, which has been covered with what I think is the Daily Prophet, had SPIDERS crawling behind it. We could see (and made videos!) shadows of spiders, all kinds and sizes (even large ones *hyperventilating*) crawling behind this ..... DISGUSTING!

See what I mean?

Signs and banners in Knockturn Alley

A really cool creepy stairway that did not allow anybody in. This reminded me of the stairway Harry was climbing when Hagrid rescued him from Knockturn Alley.

And finally we reached a tattoo shop. This was display only for you to peak inside!

It was a pretty creepy tattoo parlor, if you ask me! The tattoos were creepy!

Errr ... this place said it had bones and etc. for sale. Who'd like to buy a few?

Near one of the exits (or entrance, depending on where you enter from!) there were these shrunken heads singing from behind a window.

And right adjacent from the shrunken heads singing away at my face was Borgin and Burkes. The creepy shop from Knockturn Alley that had the Vanishing Cabinet and the Hand of Glory, among other crazy dark objects! I could feel Abbie breathing beside me, she's super excited when she sees dark stuff and this place was making her really really happy!

The Hand of Glory displayed in a shelf along with other creepy dark objects. Also notice the cursed necklace!

The cursed necklace had this sign beneath it ... Abbie control yourself!

Okay, confession. I have no idea why but over the years I have fallen in love with the Lucius Malfoy Death Eater Mask! I had first seen it in Filch's Emporium of Confiscated Goods (more in another entry) in Hogsmeade and another replica was placed as a display here too, in Borgin and Burkes.

I do hate spiders, no really, I really really hate spiders ... but this chandelier looked so cool! That is, weird, creepy, disgusting cool! How about Abbie takes this home and hangs it in her study?

Abbie and I love Bellatrix! She has got to be the most classic villain witch of the series! They were selling tees that had her printed on them. We didn't love her enough to wear her as a shirt, but these sure were cool!

Now THAT is what we really fell in love with ... but Abbie and I found it wayyyyyy too expensive!

In a far back corner of Borgin and Burkes we finally found it. The huge Vanishing Cabinet in all its glory! This is one of those experiences that you must try, and I guess one of those hidden surprises too! If you stand near the cabinet and touch it you can feel it vibrating as if somebody or something is inside. Pay attention and you actually hear a birdie chirping inside. Yes, this is the same birdie from the Harry Potter books ... you've just experienced some pretty cool magic!
Abbie and I found and fell in love with some really creepy and gothic merchandise here but we decided to save the money for wands and other stuff that we had initially planned to buy. Hopefully, the next time we visit we'll stock up on some Borgin and Burkes merchandise and bring the creepiness home!


  1. And that, of course, was how Draco was able to sneak in the Death eaters into Hogwarts at the end of The Half Blood Prince.

    Stephen Tremp
    A to Z Co-host
    V is for Vortex (the paranormal kind)

    1. Yes!! It's so cool because when you stand near it you get to hear the birdie too! :D

  2. Your blog is one of my favorites during this contest. I have really enjoyed everything you have submitted. I will be stopping by from time to time after the contest is over as well.

    1. Hey Thea!
      Oh my God I was so happy to read your comment! Thank you!
      It's been great finding you through the A to Z too :D

  3. Very cool! Hubby and I have been talking about going and seeing all these pics is making me think HP World just got knocked up the vacation list. Great pics!

    1. I will be more than happy if my entries help you push the vacation up on your list of travels! :D
      Hope you get to go soon and enjoy yourselves! I know you will .. the place is BRILLIANT!
      Thank you!


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