Friday, April 24, 2015

Umbridge and Others at Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

The prime highlight upon entering Diagon Alley, The Weasleys Wizard Wheezes shop has got to be the craziest place at the park! No sane fan of Harry Potter will not be in love with the two Weasley twin characters of the series ... personally I rate them on one of the top most ranks of my favorites' list! Abbie and I were in love with the Weasley shop at first sight, which we received immediately upon entering Diagon Alley on our right.

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Let me present (with some over dramatic background music) the front of the shop! Behind this fun front, which shows off that giant Weasley figure raising and lowering his hat to produce a bunny out of it, is a back entrance. The back entrance has a very funky wall display that is a great photo background opportunity and a treat to the eyes!

Let me post some super detailed pictures of the wall (because yes I went crazy with the camera!) ...
Here's the whole wall in one picture! And what follows are zoomed shots of all that the wall read.

This awesome sign hangs right above the entrance. I would totally want that above my bedroom's entrance! *laughs*

Abbie and I both had our pictures taken against this awesome wall as our background and those pictures are one of the loveliest ones of our collection. Next let me reveal the awesomeness inside! Starting with the interior decoration first ...

Like I mentioned before, inside this shop it is just crazy! You have a burst of colors and patterns perfectly decorated around each other in your face when you enter! If you look up at the ceiling, a non-reachable second floor displays tonnes of crazy stuff as part of the ceiling display.

Shelves upon shelves of crazy merchandise decorates the entire shop. Abbie and I were having a super difficult time focusing our eyes such that we don't even miss an inch of this shop. It was so much to look at, so much to pick up and see, so much to decide from when making a purchase!

On the counter in the middle of the shop I found this metallic box like decoration. I still don't know if this was supposed to actually be functional but I loved it! It was super cool!

A staircase (non-climbable) headed to the second floor ceiling display and it was stocked with more crazy merchandise! OMG THIS PLACE WAS EXPLODING WITH AWESOMENESS.

Let me now conclude with all the pictures I took of the merchandise. Of course there was so much I couldn't have possibly taken a picture of everything ... but hey, there is always a next time *fingers crossed* ...

The Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

A display of some crazy merchandise like the Chocolate Frog and etc.

Haaaa. I wonder what these would taste like!

The Pygmy Puffs were on my mind ever since the first time I had visited the Harry Potter parks in Orlando. This time we decided to take one home! This is a crazy experience and I swear everybody should try this! When you take a Pygmy Puff to the counter the person there asks you who you're buying it for and what will you name it. Once you tell them that they make a super crazy announcement! It starts with something like, "Attention wizards and muggles," and continues on to announce the name of the pygmy puff you are 'adopting' and for whom. Once that is done and the whole store has heard and looked at you (errrrrrrrr .....) they go back to a normal human pitch and give you instructions such as what the pygmy puff eats (dirt etc.) and not to feed it sugar because it would go all hyper and bounce off the walls. We adopted the pink pygmy puff for our baby niece and named it Gubby after her!

I have no clue WHY this was here but I laughed so hard when I saw these!

I loved these toys!! Any misery to Umbridge makes me happy!!! But no, I did not buy them!

Decoy Detonators

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