Monday, September 7, 2015

August '15 In Comics

I've never been a fan of August, never ever. It's one of those months (September being the other one) that just fall before my birthday month October and are useless. August has no birthdays, no nothing to keep me excited. This year August didn't like me either, I had a pretty crappy month.

Misery Misery!
Summer is one of those big reasons why I hate August. Summer also has bugs that totally freak me out. I hate the outdoors during Summer. Oh and of course a stinky skunk decided to show up in my neighborhood this month. To this day it hasn't been found and sent away and all I hope for is that it never crosses my path or I'll probably have a heart attack. Oh and also it never farts around my neighborhood or I'll surely have a nose attack, if you know what I mean.

Some More Misery!
No no, bugs and the heat weren't the only miseries of August, I also had to attend a social gathering (so-called wedding) where I hated every single soul, except my company that night which included mama, Abbie, and Gubby. I'm allergic to all these people. Speaking of which, Gubby, Abbie, and I were also down with flu this month. Ugh, could August get worse? Oh yes it could, there were even days when I was expected to wake up super early!

Fight Messy!
Bad weather, bad bugs, bad skunk, bad people, bad flu, bad waking up early, and on top of that the house decided to be bad and mess itself up like crazy! Seriously though, how come everyone in this house makes so much mess? I was cleaning like crazy and the house is still not done and oh dear it is September as I type!

Duh, no wonder I wanted to skip forward to October.

Some Light ... Is That The End Of The Tunnel?
And now possibly the only reason I survived August ... my bedroom and bathroom makeovers are almost complete. All that's left is setting up some cushions and printing stuff for the photo frames and I am done and ready to begin blogging about it!


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