Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Dose of Home Goods - Photo shoot!

Visits to Home Goods are always an instant dose of happy for me! There is so much stuff that I fall in love with that if I were to buy all of it there would be no money left in my bank account and no space left in my house. So I decided to do a photo shoot of everything I loved instead!

I so badly want a trunk-like table in the house somehow. This one was such a classic!

This beautiful sofa chair reminded Abbie and I of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando. The blue background and gold stars are totally Harry Potter, there's a shop there that has the same wallpaper inside.

This one I really wanted to buy and I almost did, except when we checked the baskets they weren't in such good shape. Sadly so we left it there and walked away.

I so so so so soooooo badly wish I could buy one of these classic canvas prints. My favorite are the ones that have glitter or shine in golds!

And oh my God the frames Home Goods has are so beautiful!

Obviously I can't buy all the frames I like or I'll end up with all possible walls and surfaces covered in frames!

This beautiful thing took my breath away! I was drooling uncontrollably at this hot pink sofa chair. I bet there's a drool pool there.

And of course the classic pieces they have for organization! Loved this.

Another canvas print I wanted to take home!

Aaaaaaaah oh my dear!!! This stained glass desk lamp was so beautiful! I have a thing for stained glass since years. I wish I had space somewhere for this in the house!

Did I not already talk about the pretty cushions they have?!

This one was so Desi I obviously fell in love!

Pink, girly, yet sophisticated, beautiful, and oh my Goddddddddddddd I loved this!

It even had a mirror inside! I was one step away from buying this but then I saw a corner slightly chipped. It was nothing too bad to be labelled as 'damaged' but I didn't want to spend money on something that would wear off easily.

Another table lamp that totally made me fall in love! The petal work was so gorgeous. It reminded me of piping roses on cakes! #ObsessedBakedAlert

Finally, let me conclude with this gorgeous one here that we actually did buy! Mama needed a table for a corner in her master bedroom and this matched her furniture as if it was meant to be! We didn't get the bar stools, the table was classic brilliance!

It was an exact fit in Abbie's car, phew! Once it was loaded inside we literally breathed a sigh of relief. Had it not fit we'd have had to ask bro to come back with his van. We all know how much he loves home decorating.

Literally a tight fit!

I can't wait for the next Home Goods visit so I can drool some more and snap some more pictures. What do you know, maybe we find another beautiful piece that we can bring back home with us!

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