Monday, December 7, 2015

Fall Board 2015

Presenting my beautiful Fall pinboard at last! I've been wanting to blog about this season's pinboard crafting since so long but with the super busy OctoNovember season I'd had I was late in completing my Fall board. Sighs. Oh well, it finally got done and I took some beautiful photos to show off. This time my pinboard proudly displayed all the best parts of the Fall season, less the birthdays because I didn't print any cool pictures of the many birthdays we celebrated. A beautiful leaves and flowers arrangement was done in one corner and a burlap background border was put together. That was all Abbie's brilliant idea! She helped me (I cheated her pinboard exactly!) get the burlap and the flowers put up as the base of the board. So basically, all credit goes to Abbie for this season! BEST SISTER EVER, HELLO! The board also flashed some of my favorite Fall things; the beautiful colors of fall, boots, pumpkins, and pretty decorations. Finally, I added a touch of two of Fall's biggest events in my life by pinning postcards from our Harry Potter vacation to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Orlando!) and the oath and flag from becoming citizens of the US. A chalkboard that read, "Fall In Love," perfected the look. I love it so much! It will be hard to take everything off when I get ready for Winter!

Now for some close ups ...

All thanks to Abbie for the flower arrangement!

Look close, that's actually a sleeve from Starbucks which I redecorated!


  1. I heart this board! Heart the entry and thanks for the mention stooja


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