Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter!

"Oh look, what a pretty ornament that one is!"

Brrrrrr ... I'm sitting ensconced in my brown leopard print Snuggie right now. My gorgeous red winter coat with cozy furs is laid out on my right, taken off when I returned home from a busy day outside today. On my left is an empty cup of chai, which I just gulped down, enjoying the soothing feel of it down my throat. Today is officially the first day of Winter 2015-2016 and I am excited. I find Winter very interesting. It is beautiful how the trees, once green, are now completely bare and ready to welcome snow fall. Snow fall itself is the prettiest natural phenomenon I have seen in my life so far. My favorite scene is when it goes all white outside my window, the roads and my backyard as one vast white land. While the outsides are beautiful with or without snow, the insides are cozy and warm. I love the decorations in stores, the festivities all around, and pretty things to look at and buy everywhere.

When Winter begins I instantly kick into the New Year's feels. I guess it's the fact that while all other seasons are dated for the year, it is only the winter season which is counted as of 2015 and 2016 both. Abbie and I were out shopping yesterday and we officially bid Fall 2015 goodbye with a Hot Chocolate and a Pumpkin Cookie from Starbucks. The seasonal cookie was the last of Fall and the hot chocolate was the beginning of a cozy and warm winter. Our winter coats are out as the air has become chilly and I am desperately hoping for snow. (I hope we do get some snow this winter though, it seems like a warmer start to winter than usual)

Earlier this week we'd been shopping at the Annapolis Mall and the winter decorations they had put up were mesmerizing. I don't celebrate Christmas but I love the way those who celebrate decorate the Christmas trees. Anything dazzling and pretty is automatically and obviously my favorite of course. Duh! Everything is so beautiful all around me; neighborhoods have decorated their entrances with lights and wreaths, malls and stores are decked up in a similar fashion too, and my neighbors have lights adorning their houses' exteriors which are a treat to watch from my window. Love love love!

We did something new this winter. This season is known for 'giving' and just because we don't celebrate Christmas doesn't mean we can't share the awesomeness of our lives with those who probably need them more than we do. Mama's chiropractor had a thoughtful idea and we decided to be a part of it this year. She hung ornaments all around her clinic that had tags labeled with products that mothers in need desired for themselves or the precious lives they were pregnant with. We picked up two ornaments with the tags 'Baby Wipes' and 'Baby Clothes' and by our next appointment we dropped a bag of both at her clinic. It felt great, it felt similar to when my niece Gubby had smiled at me for the first time after she was born. Precious ...

Google's Doodle today!

I am very excited about all the Winter stuff I will get to enjoy soon. There are things I wish to do that I know may not be possible, ice skating for example, but I am looking forward to dying of excitement about all the Winter shopping I have planned! Eeeeeeeeeee! It's going to be so much fun. I will make sure this Winter is full of fun!

Happy Winter 2015-2016!


  1. InshaAllah we'll rock this Winter, even though its conclusion is not pleasantly planned *holds nose* but still!!! Loved the awesomeness of your entry! It looks like my entry's twin

    1. I look like your twin too, so it's okay :P Love you bestie <3


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