Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pre-Makeover Bathroom Update

A while back I grew sick of my bathroom's dull and boring look and decided to do a makeover. I have one of those 'Jack and Jill' bathrooms with a separate space for the toilet seat and shower/tub. I wasn't aiming for a complete remodel, just some touches here and there so it could become more beautiful. I wanted it to reflect my style, I wanted it to be sassy and classy! Other than my really beautiful and classic toothbrush holder set thingy I had no decorations up in my bathroom at all. It was time to personalize it so I could feel all luxurious when in there (of course that's important!). The makeover is finally finally in its final stages and I'm so excited for the day I'll post the reveal and show off those pictures! Until then here's a quick update of my bathroom's makeover!

The bathroom has been cleaned, with all the stuff put away in cabinets or wherever else they belonged. The counter, floor, and everything else has been wiped clean too and the decor is ready to be added. I've come up with good storage ideas for makeup and etc. too! Of course I'll be blogging all about it in detail soon!

How about until then I leave the world with a makeover sneak peek?


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