Saturday, April 2, 2016

Baby On Board Cake

The feeling of finding out you're going to be an aunt for the first time ever in your life to a darling little baby is beautiful. I believe it is incomparable. It is this feeling that became the reason behind the Baby on Board Cake. When I found out my SIL was pregnant I went crazy. I wanted to bake something adorable for my niece. Something she would one day grow up and look at and know how dearly I had waited to cuddle her. This cake had to be full of love and convey the exact way I felt. I designed the cake with an adorable imaginary baby face in my mind! I chose very bright and happy colors for the cake and decided to add as much baby stuff as was possible to it. The large Baby On Board sign Abbie had bought for the fridge became my cake topper!

I always try to experiment and try a new technique with each cake. This time I was experimenting with candy clay. I hadn't started using fondant back at the time I baked the Baby On Board cake so candy clay was my next best option. I made the candy clay at home myself and then colored it blue, rose pink, yellow, coral, and green for the cake's decorations. I wasn't becoming an aunt alone, my sister and mama were becoming aunt and grandma too and we all wanted to do something for the cake. Since I'm not too good with shaping animal figures mama stepped in to make the cute little duckies - an adorable touch by Daadi (grandma). Abbie helped out with the building blocks. We all had great fun playing working with the candy clay, all the while planning and imagining how the baby would change our lives. Those are one of the sweetest memories I have to reminisce today ... 

We'd bought two baby feeding bottle toys for the cake toppers too. They were those super cute kind that had fake milk inside which disappeared when you tilted them as if it had been drunk. Super adorable!!!

I made a baby rattle toy too out of candy clay and brushed on some shimmer for extra shine. It was so cute. Shaping cake toppers was another challenge for me because it was my first time doing that. When I was done I nervously stepped back to look at the cake ... it looked delightfully cute!

I added shimmer to one of mama's ducks, black round dots for eyes, and a gold beak. They were perfect!

Abbie and I shaped the building blocks together and they added the final touches to the cake.

When it was finally time to cut the cake I had a contagious smile on my face. I'd finished yet another master piece, done it with style, and presented a beautiful baby welcome cake. Anyone who'd seen the smile on my face at that time would have easily guessed just HOW excited I was.

Of course, as I always say, at the end of the day when my cake is done and its deliciousness has been devoured by all I am satisfied, ecstatic, and all my hard work has paid off. I am sure that years from today when my darling little Gubby will look at pictures of this cake she'll have the same wide smile on her face that everybody witnessed on mine that day.

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This entry belongs to the April A to Z Blogging Challenge that I'm participating in this year!


  1. I love all the colors on that cake!

    1. Thank you! I tried to get it to be as adorable as possible :D

  2. such a cute cake! I remember years ago finding out I would be an aunt for the first time; it is a very special feeling!


    1. It is indeed! Gubby is the first baby in my life and she's changed my whole world around with her tiny feet and adorable ways <3

  3. So bright and beautiful :) You can see the joy in the cake.
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    1. Thank you so much Natasha! I'm glad you can see my joy of becoming an aunt in this cake :)

  4. How cool is this! A tasty blog to come visiting during the challenge. The baby is so so colorful! Lovely. I'm a visiting minion with the Joyful Brigade. Have fun!

    1. Hey Bish,
      Glad you found my blog fun to be visiting :)
      Thank you so much!
      Happy A to Zing! :)

  5. I still remember the precious moment we found out Gubby was on board! And this cake was one of the many wonders that you made later! You rock!

    1. Love you Abbie <3
      We were SO excited and look how she has us wrapped around her all the time now :D


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