Monday, April 4, 2016

Can't Wait For Spring! Rainbow Cake

Sometimes there is nothing better in the world than baking the brightest, colorful-est, and fun-est cake and then eating it up. (Enter the Can't Wait For Spring Rainbow Cake!) Bright, happy, colorful, and fun is totally my style so when I decided to bake up a rainbow cake it was a hit!

I baked this mighty tall, colorful, beauty on my brother's birthday. Seriously, imagine how lucky he is to have someone baking THIS kind of delicious gorgeousness for him right at home. 
Yes, thank you. 
*Takes a bow*

Because every single time I bake is an opportunity to learn and try something new, I had a couple challenges for me when I baked and decorated this rainbow cake. The first and biggest challenge was getting the rainbow right. When colored batter bakes up in the oven sometimes a little discoloration is involved. Uh oh! And when you're baking a rainbow cake that is just not acceptable. I was super particular with dividing the batter into precisely equal proportions so that each layer of the rainbow was the same size. Once divided into separate portions I colored the batter and let it bake away ...

They turned out perfect! The colors were vibrant as a rainbow!

I'd decided that the rainbow insides would be a surprise that would be revealed only when the cake was cut into. My plan was to decorate the cake with minimum colors, nothing that would suggest rainbows, yet be bright enough to match up to what it would look like once cut into. Then it came to me: Carrots. Don't ask me why, but this cake needed to have carrots growing out of its sides and a garden-ish Spring-ish look. So it happened. I piped carrots which looked comical, cute, and perfect on the cake. Abbie suggested I add green lines too. It was a genius idea because when the lines were done the cake couldn't have looked any better! I stepped back and admired my work. Once again it was a masterpiece (all my bakes seem like masterpieces to me, works of art - my art!). Oh and word of warning right here as you scroll down: The following picture might just take your breath away! *sighs*

Don't say I didn't warn you!

When cut up the piece of cake looked beautiful. Surprise and creative insides add a super wow factor to any cake and when a rainbow kind of brilliance is involved it is nothing short of perfection. We took this cake to my brother's in-laws's place too. Back then he was about to get married and his brother in law shared an almost same birthday with him. So this cake basically celebrated two birthdays in a way.

That kind of tall, that kind of colorful, and that kind of delicious ... Mmmm mmm ... perfection.

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  1. You're making my mouth water! A most delightful and sunny cake.

  2. So colourful which makes it so good. You have a lot of patience. I also covered cake for the challenge today.


    1. Hey!
      My sister says the same thing, that I have too much patience! :)
      I've had a mad busy April and haven't been able to visit as many blogs as I'd like to in the challenge. I'll be visiting soon to check yours out. I've got to catch up! :D

  3. I'm pretty sure Michigan decided to skip spring (and summer) and go back to winter. =( The cake is beautiful and I love the colors.

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

    1. Aww! I love Winters so if I were you I probably wouldn't be complaining! :D But I hope you get warmer weather soon!
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment! :D

  4. Ta-dah! Come visit me...I shared a rainbow, too. C for Color. I adore your cake...gorgeous

    1. How awesome is that! :D I'll be visiting soon!
      Thank you for stopping by :)

  5. Oh my god! This spring rainbow cake took my heart away. Really can’t wait to try this out for my daughter’s upcoming birthday. Currently looking for a local event space to organize the party but not finding venues within budget.

    1. Hey Mackyton,
      I'm so surprised I didn't find your comment earlier because it was somehow lying in 'spam'! Ugh. Anyway! I really hope you had a fabulous birthday party! I'd love to know if you tried the cake! :D


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