Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fourth Of July American Sweethearts

You can show your patriotism through cakes right?
Of course.
Cakes do more good for the world than anything else!

The American Sweethearts were flower shaped cakelettes and mini bundt cakes in the colors of the American flag. I baked these to celebrate the fourth of July in 2015.
Sometimes baking mini cakes is much more fun than spending hours decorating a regular sized one, especially for such occasions.

I'd received Cake Boss's cakelette pan as a birthday gift the previous year and my palms had been itching to try it and see what brilliance would result. I decided to keep the insides of the cakelettes a surprise again and went with red, white, and blue insides. I was nervous using the pan for the first time because it was my first Cake Boss pan and also because I was afraid what I'd do if the cakes didn't release from the pans. Nervously I did all that was needed and set them to bake ...

This Cake Boss pan, by the way, is BRILLIANT!
They released like a piece of cake (pun intended!), baked perfectly, and didn't trouble me at all.

Admit it, this picture caused drool. Major drool.
I decided to glaze the cakelettes because frosting such tiny things with such grooves would have taken a lot of time and I wanted to get a celebratory dessert done quick and nice.

The colored sprinkles represented celebration confetti in honor of Fourth of July!
The sprinkles and the glaze also slightly concealed the beautiful red, white, and blue surprise insides.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Mini bundt cakes in patriotic colors were baked too. I decided to go with a classic icing sugar dusting over these to add the white color. These were moist, soft, delicious, and very vanilla!
And now let me present the insides!

Red, white, and blue! Isn't it beautiful?

I think these American Sweethearts were the best way of celebrating the fourth of July! Not only were they super pretty but also excessively delicious. These didn't last too long ... and I think I'm craving them all over again now!

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  1. Those did make me drool, but I also got up and haven't eaten anything yet so I'm hungry anyways.

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for stopping by and drooling! :D

  2. Noooo, what are you doing, there is no cake in the house, no cake, no cake, 8mops self with towel*. ~Liz


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