Friday, April 15, 2016

Masquerades of Black and Gold

If there is someone REALLY REALLY REALLY special to me in my life, it is my sister The Abbie. Every year when it is her birthday I find the perfect chance to honor her awesomeness. To her it is her birthday but to me it is The Abbie Day.

I made this cake back when I wasn't as experienced as I am today. Infact this was my first attempt at covering a cake with fondant. It was also my first time carving a cake into a topsy turvy shape. It was a special request from Abbie that the cake should be topsy turvy and I just couldn't deny it. So I accepted the challenges (with shaking hands!) and got to work. If I were to decorate this cake again today I'd find it much less difficult than what I thought it was back then.

Look close enough and you'll see the fondant's flaws. To Abbie though, it was the most beautiful cake she'd seen. That's what I love about her. She's always an encouragement, always the strongest form of support, and always loving me and whatever I do. Regardless of the creases in my fondant the cake turned out to be a stunner!

My idea behind this cake was to get her favorites in one cake. She loves black. She'd paint the world black if that was possible and she'd love it. She also liked masquerade masks and the whole air of beautiful mystery around them. I decided to combine black with red and gold, add some jewels and shines, and a masquerade mask for a cake topper on her birthday cake. Of course red roses looked gorjabulous (which is a word in my dictionary FYI). I used the jeweled ribbon from The Simply Special Wedding Cake on this Masquerade cake and it upped the gorgeous factor!

We like decorating the place up on birthdays, or at least decorating the cake table according to the theme. I decorated the entire table in reds and shines to match this cake. The cake was too pretty to mess up with candles so I baked cupcakes that would hold the candles for Abbie to blow. The cake looked as sophisticated and majestic as a well organized, elite, masquerade ball (you know, the kind Blair graced in Gossip Girl ... okay, I need to keep my GG obsession at bay!).

Of course that wasn't it! The insides of this cake were supposed to be extra special too. Red Velvet! It was a new flavor that I was trying back then and I went the extra mile and did a zebra layer too. When the cake was cut into it looked just as stunning from the insides as it did on the outside. This was a complete surprise for my sister and the look on her face when she saw it was priceless!

I decorated the cake using fondant circles overlapping each other. A gold painted circle was topped with a red and black marbled circle. Then I filled the empty parts of the cake's surface by painting gold dots all over. It was a genius finishing touch!

This cake was SO pretty, both inside and outside!
Even the pieces we made later on looked gorgeous. How pretty can a cake be, yeah?!

Bonus: Abbie got to keep the masquerade mask cake topper. It was one of her birthday gifts that year to add to her room's decor. A cake that was not only delicious, but also super gorgeous, majestic looking, and a birthday gift all in one. AWWWESOME!!!

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  1. Marvellous cakes that make me sad as I am not allowed to eat any these days - all that sugar is the problem.

    1. Aww Bob! Don't be sad! My mom's a diabetic and we all are controlling sugar too so we try staying away from sweet stuff other than on occasions. There's a sugar free entry coming up for the letter Q soon :) I know you'll love it!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice compliment!


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