Monday, April 18, 2016

"O! My Chocolate" Chocolate Cake

Are we all drooling yet?
This was one LOADED chocolate cake.
I mean LOADED and my brother was the lucky birthday boy who I made this for.

I baked my moist deadly delicious chocolate cake sponges. Then I whipped up my deadly delicious chocolate frosting. It's the most rich, tasty, mouthwatering-ly awesome frosting in the world. Mmmm mmm ... A good layer of chocolate frosting was slapped on top of the moist sponge and then stuffed with Whoppers chocolates cut in halves before it was sandwiched with another layer of that moist cake. I melted chocolate into a large rectangle, drizzled some chocolate on top of it, and then had Abbie chop them into barks and shards. I also beat up a smooth tasty chocolate glaze for the cake's decoration. Not licking my fingers while I made this one was probably the greatest challenge I faced with this cake. Excuse me but I'm getting goosebumps thinking about this cake so why not we check out some close ups!

While the insides of the cake was stuffed with Whoppers, the top of the cake was decorated with Lindt truffles and Whoppers. I drizzled chocolate glaze and melted chocolate on each one of them so that they matched with the decor on the sides of the cake. I also piped designs with chocolate frosting on the top and then outlined them with the glaze. The two different shades of chocolate frosting and chocolate glaze combined to create a gorgeous effect!

Remember those shards I'd made? There they are! Wasn't that a genius idea?
They looked so classic on the sides of the cake. I carefully shaped and cut them in varying heights so that they looked random and beautiful. It was LOTS of chocolate all around the cake. Oh and then, of course, that chocolate glaze. That smooth smooth delicious glaze. DIVINE!

I think these pictures are making me lose my breath. This is just .... I'm just ... droooooools!

I am all about tiny details when it comes to decorating my cakes. The shards I'd made out of melted chocolate wouldn't have looked as awesome as they did with the intricate drizzle of extra chocolate over them. That drizzle really added character to the shards, which added character and depth to my cake! BRILLIANTTTTTT!

Even though the idea behind this cake was to LOAD it with chocolate for a dessert-loving big brother, I left the base or background of the cake white - vanilla frosting. Had I not done that all those different shades of chocolate wouldn't have stood out like they did. The light brown shards looked perfect against that dark glaze on the sides. On the top the Whoppers and the white Lindt Truffles were another perfect duo.

 After this I'd totally relate to that saying ...
what was it again? ...
"I'd rather fall in chocolate than fall in love!"
Really, this has got to be better! I mean LOOK at that piece of cake.
Moist in every bite, chocolate overload, deliciousness beyond control!

Stunning. It looked stunning.
I could bake this cake a million times.
I could decorate it a gazillion times!
And it still wouldn't lose its fabulousness for me!
You know what I always say ... MASTERPIECE!

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  1. Excuse me while I go clean up the drool.

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  2. The chocolate shards going up from the bottom really give the cake a rustic vibe. This is the cake I want for my next birthday :)

    Ink & Stitches -

    1. I know right?! It's so classic! Thank you so much for all the lovely compliments!


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