Thursday, April 21, 2016

That Royal Princess Birthday Cake

The first baby in my life, the first time I became an aunt, and the first time I experienced that kind of love ... Gubby is my lovely niece, my love, my darling, the apple of my eye. When this adorable little apple turned one I baked and decorated one excessively beautiful cake to celebrate the dear day.

This cake was huge and difficult (and broke my neck! *laughs*) and I gave it my ALL. I designed the cake around a Royal Princess theme. Gubby is our little princess. We treat her like royalty because that's what she deserves ... that little plumpkin *insert lots of kisses here*. On her first birthday we hosted a Royal Princess Birthday Dinner Party and my cake wowed the world that evening.
The Royal Princess Birthday Cake was a tough one and by the time I was done my kitchen counter was loaded with fondant scraps and tools. I was really particular about getting this one perfect. The kind of particular where I get down to measuring my fondant stuff using actual scales!
Time for close ups! Oh and let me warn you, for these pictures may take your breath away!

I wanted this cake to have bling and look fantabulously awesome. So, I added bling. The cake had a ribbon of rhinestones around the base. They shined and added glitz to this cake. It was the kind of glitz that you'd associate with royalty. The kind of glitz you'd see in a princess tiara. I loved the blingy details. Is there even anybody in the world who doesn't say yes to bling?

Above the bling and those rhinestones was what I thought was the most breath taking, most beautiful, and my most favorite part of the cake. Damask! Oh good Lord, bling and damask ... somebody catch me as I fall in love! I'd been dying - I repeat ... DYING - to do a damask cake and this piece of royal cake gave me the chance to finally try it. Needless to waste words saying it but Oh. My. God. it looked gorgeous. It was stunning. It was beautiful. It had an exquisite charm that was making me weak at the knees when I tried to take in the beauty. It looked so grand I just couldn't peel my eyes off it (and neither could anybody else who witnessed this royal cake!).

When you finally were able to look away from that Damask's glory, right above the bottom tier were some fancy flowers. I'd made these out of fondant myself, dusted the centers with red shimmer, and then added pearls to make them look as real as possible. The flowers were placed right where the two tiers sat one on top of the other and they created the perfect flow from one design to the next. It was my first time making fondant flowers too and I just adored how delicate and pretty they looked!

Above the flowers was my gorgeous top tier. It was all elegant ruffles that were placed in a beautiful ombre fashion. It looked so pretty I couldn't believe my eyes. I made that? OMG I made that! The top tier flowed the cake from pinks to whites so that the top of the entire cake was white and bright for the cake topper to shine and sparkle on.

Thennnnn the cake topper. It was a tiara! The tiara was the only non-edible part of this cake. It was a tiara for my princess Gubby! *insert a million kisses here* The tiara was something my mama had bought for me years back and it was now time to use it for Gubby's cake's topper. It matched with the rhinestones on the bottom tier and the sparkle and pink rhinestones matched with the entire cake's theme. It was perfection on top of that GORJABULOUS cake! 
Such kind of FABULOSITY deserves an extra close up picture of the entire awesomeness!

Breathtaking, is it not?
FABULOSITY!!! Told ya!!!
But wait, one picture isn't enough.
No camera in this world would do justice to the beauty of this cake!

How about a view from down below?

And a view from the top?


We didn't just do an awesome cake for our precious little one, but also decorated the entire place up as Princess themed and glitzy. My cake looked beautiful in the display, it looked like perfection, it looked too too too pretty to handle. I'm not even ashamed to admit that I had tears of pride in my eyes when I looked at this cake once served at the party! (Over emotional person alert)

Beautiful! Magnifique! Bellissimo!
Okay that's all the words I know (hopefully correctly) from other languages so I should stop now!
This was just breath taking and one of my most favorite cakes everrrrrr!

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  1. Love the damask layer - that is so cool looking. Fantastic cake!!

    Weekends in Maine

    1. Thank you so much Karen! The damask was my absolute favorite as well! :D

  2. What a beautiful birthday cake for any little princess out there!

    Ink & Stitches -

  3. I'm a bit behind with my comments, this being the 25th of April, but I have one very important question: did you cut each and every one of those beautiful damask decorations? You have unimaginable patience! (Which, btw, is very necessary to fashion exquisite decorations.) *throws celebratory virtual confetti everywhere*

    1. Hey Suzanne,
      As always so happy to hear from you :)
      The Damask is actually a mould that I used so it was more than one single damask motif at a time. I think there were about three that come out in one go and then I continue and match the different sections together.
      Thank you so much for the celebratory virtual confetti :D Haha!

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