Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Precious Superstar Hobbit Birthday Cake

Your first times for anything are always the most special memories, which is why the Superstar Hobbit Birthday Cake is very precious to me. This cake had my many firsts! It was one of those cakes I made really early on in my baking obsession, back when I didn't even know how to do decorating too well. It was my first themed birthday cake. It was my first original design. It was my first tiered cake. It was my first time doing something so detailed. It was my largest cake to date back then. It was also the first time I was melting and shaping candy toppers. On top of it all, this cake was for my Abbie, who is the closest person to my heart in this entire universe. I swear, this cake holds a very special place in my heart ...

The gorgeous dual-themed Superstar Hobbit Birthday Cake!
Before I go into close ups and details let me talk about the theme of this cake.
My sister is a really huge Lord of the Rings fan. Back when I baked and decorated this cake I hadn't seen the movies and I knew nothing about them. One day Abbie randomly spoke about how cool a Hobbit hole would be for a cake. Little did she know that I would note that and then push myself to my maximum efforts and beyond to create it for her on her birthday. So that was the top tier of my cake; a Hobbit hole with Gandalf and Frodo and Sam standing in the garden.
Abbie is also a fan of Salman Khan (awesome shawsome Bollywood actor who I love as well!) and back then one of his movies had a dialogue in which he said, "I'm a su-perstar!" It wasn't just 'superstar', he'd leave a teasing gap between the 'su' and the 'perstar' which would sound oh-so-classic. That's what inspired the bottom tier of this cake, because I always kept saying that Abbie was the superstar for me.

I was actually surprised I got the Hobbit Cake so well done without knowing anything about the story or the movies. Gandalf, Frodo, and Sam's figures were ordered off the internet to be the toppers for my cake. The little ring that had the LOTR logo came with them as well. To create the Hobbit Hole I baked a smaller round cake and then cut a section off a side to create the flat side that it would stand on. Then I made it stand vertically on top of my top tier. Then I frosted it with green frosting and piped vines all over it. I also piped a door on it and then decorated the tier like a garden with a golden pathway going down the middle. To create the fence kind of look I used Kit Kats! The cake was surrounded by a fence made of Kit Kats! Droooooooooooooools!

LOVED this.

Because my skills were wayyyyyy too basic back then, I couldn't really do much 'SUPERSTAR' type stuff to the bottom tier so I went for easy-peasy-but-sassy-classy. The superman logos were actually cupcake rings I ordered off the internet and the stars I'd shaped out of melted candy. Genius!

I absolutely adored the way I'd stuck half cut ice cream cones to the bottom tier. I wanted to create the effect as if ice cream cones were popping out of my cake and that's exactly what they looked like. I then piped yellow, blue, and red spirals all over the cake so it matched the Superman kinda colors.

There were matching cupcakes too! Some of them were Superstar themed and others were LOTR themed. Again, the rings I'd shaped out of melted candy. They looked so pretty!

Abbie LOVED the cake! The look on her face has become etched in my memory for eternity. She had THAT kind of look, you know? The look of disbelief, happiness, shock, delight, fascination, and amazement all in one. This cake was a total surprise for her, she didn't even know I was baking something so huge or attempting something of this sort for the first time in my life. I wonder what she'd have expected? Perhaps a tiny messy beginner's cake. Then she got this mighty two tiered beautiful cake, complete with a theme (errr, TWO themes!). Wow! The picture on the left has Abbie staring at the Hobbit hole after the cake had been cut up and we were making pieces out of it. I still remember she'd mentioned wanting to keep it forever (if only it wasn't edible!). A happy Abbie was all I'd hoped for and a SUPER happy Abbie was exactly what I'd gotten!

This cake was a beginner's cake and had its flaws (like the little section of cake under those kit kats that was sooooo exposed *laughs*). Even then, for so many first times, this cake turned out to be so gorgeous and oh-so tasty! I am so proud of this cake. To this day when someone asks Abbie which cake of mine is her favorite she still chooses this one!
*wipes tears of happiness away*

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  1. Great job combining the fandoms. Both sections look great.

    Weekends in Maine

  2. You had me at Hobbits! If this was your first time, I'd love to see what you can do now, although I doubt you could improve on the theme very much. The cake is perfect.

    1. Hahaha!! I know you're a fan too! And knowing you loved it makes me so glad :D
      This was my first time, yeah! I haven't thought of making it again but if I ever do you'll surely find out what happened :D
      Thank you so much!


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