Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tie Dye Love Birthday Cake

Hello! Excessively happy and pretty cake coming through! Make way please!
Once upon a time, when mama's birthday approached I decided to make her a cake as bright and cute looking as possible. She'd been taking 'aging' a little too seriously, thinking she'd grown too old (no way!) so I decided to bake something far from sophisticated and adult-ish. I had the happiest, most non adult-ish, prettiest cake design in mind. That's when the Tie Dye Love Birthday Cake happened!

Check that beautifully adorable close up of the tie dye sides. I went with the brightest and happiest colors: pink, green, yellow, light blue. When I did the tie dye sides they came together as a beautiful combination. I piped squigglies over the tie dye sides next and finally added hearts to add more love to the cake. It looked so lurveeeely!

For the top of my cake I baked mini chocolate cupcakes, frosted them with yellow dots and more hearts and then arranged them in a circle around the edges. It looked so cute! Baby cupcakes on top of the tie dye cake ... AHHHHHHHH-DORABLE!

Finally I added some colored confetti sprinkles to the middle so the cake had even more color. Then I stuck heart shaped cupcake picks around the sides. Adorable adorable soooo adorable! The final finishing touch was a dotted border around the top.

Anddddddd tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
You have before you an extremely happy and super adorable birthday cake!

Of course to make it even more non adult-ish I got colored candles to light! It was a really lovely moment seeing mama blow away those candles with that wide smile on her face.
Mission accomplished!

For the first time in my life (and hopefully the last!) I'd used a boxed cake mix. I'd wanted the cake to be sugar free for mama so I got a chocolate and vanilla mix. (I'm a from-scratch baker so I was frustrated with the boxed mixes!)
Anyhooooo, the cake was beautiful on the outside and tasty on the inside! The brown layer of chocolate cake looked great against the overload of bright colors on the outside.

This cake is so full of colors, so full of love, and so full of bright happy feels!
I can't help but smile just looking at it!
*takes a bow*

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  1. Amazing colours!

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  2. Was that colored fondant you used? How did you get the colors to meld like that? Did you ever melt crayon shavings between two sheets of paper with an iron? It looks as though that's what you did with the fondant. ��

    1. Nope, that's buttercream in different colors that I just piped onto the cake and then smoothed out so it blended together. I've never melted crayon shavings before but it sounds fun and creative! :D
      Thank you!

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