Monday, April 25, 2016

Unbirthday Party ~ Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes

It was Abbie's birthday and I was thinking of throwing her a Mad Hatter's Tea Party! Oh yes, an Alice In Wonderland themed tea party for her birthday, that's how lucky you are when you have me for a sister (insert proud moment background music here).
That year we'd had an extra busy November. Gubby, my baby niece, was expected in our world any second (she was beyond due and we held our breaths as we desperately waited!), Abbie had had a root canal retreatment, and because she was on antibiotics I was driving around (new driver alert!). It was all super busy and so Abbie told me, "Why don't you bake me cupcakes instead?" Wait, whaaaaaaat? A birthday in MY house with NO cake?! How is that even possible?! I spazzed for a while but when I found the given time really impossible I decided to accept Abbie's advice. BUT. Big big big BUT ... I was NOT going to let them be normal regular cupcakes. NO WAY! So the Alice In Wonderland cake I'd had in mind was converted into cupcakes instead. I kept the rest of the plan on (which included a properly decorated tea table and some more bakes. I plan to blog about the tea party later! So basically more fabulosity alert ahead!) Anyhoo, let's take a look at each one of those pretty cupcakes!

The White Rabbit cupcake! The cupcake topper I'd ordered online was so adorable.
No time to say hello goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!

The Cheshire Cat Cupcake!
That cat is so awesome and equally awesome was the cupcake topper.
I still thought they could have done a better job with Cheshi's face but anyway, still looked fab!

The Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Cupcake!
Can I just continue laughing here?

Alice's Cupcake!
Meet miss curious on my pretty little cupcake with grass and flowers!

The Queen Cupcake!
Off with their heads!
Maybe she'd have been less upset if she'd had my delicious cupcakes too!?
Just saying ...

And and andddddd the Mad Hatter's Cupcake!
This dude. So brilliant!

Then I decorated a cupcake that said 'That Way' and pointed in a direction!

Of course there was one that said 'This Way' and pointed in another direction!

Isn't that SO Alice In Wonderland?! Awesome!
This way .. no, that way!
Which way would you go?

I also arranged some garden cupcakes and roses over a cupcake stand and stuck candles in some of them. Abbie may have gone with cupcakes instead of a cake but that did not mean she wouldn't get the entire birthday experience. The party was complete with a number of desserts, good food, cupcakes, and candles to blow away!

I think they looked just as crazy as Alice In Wonderland!

To me it may have been a birthday where I couldn't bake a full cake because of our super busy days, but to Abbie it was once again a super fantabulous birthday party put together by her little sister. She loved the cupcakes, she loved the decor, she loved the other desserts I'd baked along with these too. She was so happy and I was so happy seeing her happy.
OMG overload of happy!

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