Tuesday, April 5, 2016

When Desi Calls ~ Henna Ruffle Cake

The Desi culture is full of rich and beautiful traditions. When Pakistani/Indian clothes can be heavily fancy why should the cake taken to a Desi event be any less breathtakingly gorgeous?

When my brother got married one the Desi wedding functions was a Mehndi (henna) ceremony held at my SIL's house. Nobody was interested in arranging for a cake (which is so absurd, a party without cake ... well, it isn't even a party!). I couldn't let that happen, not when I knew what a master piece I could take along with me. The Henna Ruffle cake was a completely original design and concept of mine and a total surprise for my brother's in-laws. I wanted to go all out, give in my best, and give a piece of art as a result (edible of course!). So that is exactly what I did. With little experience of applying henna designs I started off nervous but when I was done nobody could have second guessed the awesomeness. My chocolate frosting looked like real henna and my design looked flawlessly stunning on that cake. This was one of the most detailed piping work I had ever done. (Lets ignore the cramping it caused in my palms!)

When I had finished piping my henna design I took to embellishing it with gold and red pearls. It was all super detailed because it was really intricate work. I placed each and every pearl one by one by hand and then using a set of tweezers filled in the green and gold sugar crystals. It took me hours and a stiff neck but that's what happens when you're an obsessed cake decorator like me.

Years from the day I had made this masterpiece, I still get goosebumps from all the excitement that the pictures of this cake bring to me. This cake remains very special to me; a memory that brings a sense of achievement, a boost of confidence, and the sweet sense of being awesome!

I went with traditional Desi colors for this cake and for the sides I wanted to continue the Desi theme without overpowering the henna designs on the top. Mango-Orangish colored ruffles added the finishing touches to this beauty. The ruffles reminded me of flowing Desi wedding outfits and the color of typical flowers used in Desi Mehndi ceremony decorations.

Not surprisingly, this cake was a huge hit with the guests. People kept asking me how I'd done such 'real' henna on the cake, whether I was a henna artist, and where I'd learned it all. This cake was HUGE but it was gone within minutes - not even kidding!

Please excuse me as I admit ...
I stole the show that evening!

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  1. Beautiful! I KNOW it's meant to be eaten, but I'd have a hard time cutting into it.

    1. That's me whenever it is time to cut the cakes :D Hahaha!

  2. Beautiful cake! I cringed at the picture of you putting the beads on because I don't have steady enough hands to do this so internally I'm yelling "BE CAREFUL! STEADY!"

    ~Ninja Minion Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

    1. My hands ALWAYS decide to shake when I get into super fine details! I am so annoyed when that happens :D Hahahaha!
      Thanks for the lovely comment!

  3. Wow, what a labor of love! Your talent is so obvious -- this is GORGEOUS!


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