Friday, May 13, 2016

Pretty Handmade Mother's Day Greeting Card

This year on Mother's Day Abbie and I thought of doing something different. We searched the greeting cards' aisles of many stores but didn't like anything. Some of the cards were just too plain yet overly priced while others were the same old cliche stuff. Nothing appealed to us enough for us to buy it for mama so we put on our crafty hats and set about making handmade cards. Abbie had a brilliant plan in mind that involved glitter and lace - sophistication personified basically - for the card she was making. While she worked her magic with glitter and lace, I decided to go with something girly, pretty, bright, and colorful. My card turned out beautiful and looked extremely HAPPY. You read that right, my Mother's Day card was happy and throwing joyous vibes all around like confetti.

I took several step by step pictures of the making while I worked on this prettiness. The card was super easy to make and took fairly less time too. With a few basic supplies I was able to make something unique for mama with that personal touch which no store bought card could have ever delivered.

For the base of my card I used scrapbook paper with a bright and adorable print. I had a million options but I wanted something light, bright, and girly. The paper had fun uneven stripes in shades of pink, purple, orange, white, yellow, and green. The overall look was yellowish-orange which I needed to go with the glitter touches I was planning to add later on. I loved that the print had wacky free-style stripes instead of even ones for it gave my card double the handmade feel.

Next, I cut out a strip from glitter scrapbook paper and glued it horizontally about two inches from the bottom of the card. This little detail added texture and sparkle to my card. Any form of sparkle is always welcome, yes?

I had pretty purple flowers in our craft closet from back when we'd used them as part of our brother's wedding decor. I used a scissor to cut off the stem and then removed the little green piece that was holding the petals together. Once the flower was disassembled I glued each petal one by one onto the top left of my card.

I used the back of my pencil to push the petals into place once I'd used hot glue.

Once I'd added the last petal I hot glued the yellow center on top so that the flower was complete and so was the cover of my beautiful card. It looked girly and glittery and super colorful! The flower brought out the purple stripes too!

On the inside of my card I used a strip of the same striped scrapbook paper and glued it vertically about half an inch from the right corner. It helped create a pretty flow when mama viewed the card from the inside. I loved the little pop of color the stripe added to the inside of the card!

Finally, I wasn't satisfied until there was a tiny touch of glitter on the inside of the card too, so I cut out two different sized gold glitter hearts and glued them on right beside the colored stripes. Perfectttttttttttttttt! What would the world have done without glitter?

A card isn't complete without a sweet little message right from the heart!

Look at how beautiful the card looked once I was done! Let me post some really pretty closeups next!

Gifting a custom hand made card to mama on Mothers Day felt so good. It felt much better, looked much better, and delivered our emotions in a much better way than any store bought card could have!
The best things in life are handmade!


  1. Masha'allah, what a beautiful post Bubbers! The card looks so gorgeous! it really IS a happy card. You planned all the elements so well together. Project Runway! hahaha

  2. What a wonderful idea, relatively simple and yet so lovely. I'll bet your mother had tears in her eyes when you and Abbie gave her your cards. I know I would have. Bless you both.

  3. What a wonderful idea, relatively simple and yet so lovely. I'll bet your mother had tears in her eyes when you and Abbie gave her your cards. I know I would have. Bless you both.


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