Saturday, June 25, 2016

20 Totally Random Questions with Handwritten Answers

There is something about handwritten stuff that typing just can't beat. There's the sound of my pen rubbing against the paper, the smell of a marker's ink as I write, the movement as my hand glides across the paper writing beautiful alphabets. Love it, especially because I love my handwriting. While I was in school people used to tease me about my handwriting being childish. It used to annoy me because I used to think my handwriting was perfect. I never bothered about making any changes, also because I couldn't do good joining handwriting if my life depended on it. When I received multiple certificates and got awarded 'Best Handwriting' in school it only reinforced my love for it. Boohoo haters! I knew that I always wrote very neat and to be honest I'd take my cute alphabets over adult-ish joined scripts any day.

A little showing off doesn't hurt, yeah? *laughs*

Ages back I'd seen a handwritten tag going around on blogs and it had somehow stuck to the back of my mind. I kept busy over time and totally forgot where I'd originally seen the tag (soooo nobody can get credits!). When I finally decided to do such a blog entry I googled it up and found a million different ones done over a million different social media. Uh oh. So I decided to create my own! I took random questions from the randomest of places on the internet and got around answering them ... in handwriting.

Tag! You're It!
That's right! If you're reading this blog entry you've been tagged! Grab a piece of paper and answer the twenty random questions in your handwriting. Have lots of fun while doing it!
Specifically though I'm going to tag Abbie! Oooooh yes, my sister, The Abbie from Abbie's Adventure Diaries is officially tagged in the Handwriting Tag! Can't wait for you to do this Abbie! (PS: I've always been jealous of how pretty her handwriting is!)

I got creative and doodled around the paper! That's what happens when you have an overload of Sharpies on your creative desk staring at you, calling your name, MAKING YOU USE THEM ..... *snaps out of it* Umm, uh, yeah. Sorry, not sorry, I love Sharpies way too much!

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