Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 2016 In Comics

After that extremely busy but uneventful April came an okay-ish (and still very busy) May. May was full of doctors' appointments, cicadas' anticipation, Spring cleaning, Ramzan preparation, and a sweet little celebration for Gubby.

Ramzan approaches in June and Abbie and I had to go and get checked to see if that darned H Pylori had returned. We'd had bad acid reflux and were scared that it was back. Thankfully, we tested negative after an extremely awkward and funny breath test. All cleared and all set for Ramzan!

The threat was real and Abbie and I were all prepared. Better be safe than sorry right? We're all stocked up! Hope they NEVER come out anywhere! Amen.

Gubby dearest is getting more and more naughtier by the day and she's totally driven us crazy! *laughs* We speak a totally new language now, created by the one and only Gubby, and we act retarded and think it's perfectly okay to do so. That tiny little doll is our life *insert endless kisses here*!

IBS gave me a BAD BAD BAD time this month. I had several episodes that lasted for a couple days. That's what happens when I stress out too much and lately stress has been my second name. I just lay dead trying to make it go away but it wouldn't. Ugh!

On the 20th of May my Gubby darling turned one and a half years old! Seriously, where did time fly by? I baked a really bright and beautiful Melting Ice Cream Cake for her to which she reacted adorably. She said, "Cake!" in her baby accent and when it was time to cut it she scraped it with a knife and then ate some. Next - it gets better - she fed us all some cake too, one by one, starting with the one and only me! Duh, I had tears in my eyes!

Will it erase all my data? Does my laptop even have enough space? What if my computer crashes? What if something goes wrong? If it's auto upgrade what if I'm not there when it begins? What if ... but ... umm .... but but but. BAM. Upgrade was done and my laptop moved on to Windows 10! It's only been a little while since I did the upgrade so I'm still pending a judgement on whether I like it or not. I know that I'd loved Windows 8 with its gliding and smooth feels. Let's see what happens with this one now.

Yep! Spring cleaning is a always important to me and I decided to rearrange my closet alllllllllll over again during May. My neck is always aching BAD and I realized one day that the dresses that were a little higher up in my closet were getting ignored because I hated the discomfort of looking up and picking something to wear. I moved them around and now my closet is neck-ache friendly! Yayyyyyy! Now here's to picking out new outfits for June!


  1. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

    Harry Potter Mobile  Cover

    1. Thanks Kabir!
      They're closing down Bitstrips' app so these were probably the last few comics sadly :/


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