Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Fancy Pink & Orange ~ My Eid Outfit!

Of course the best part about Eid (besides the food) is the dressing up and that is something I absolutely love doing. I looked forward to dolling up on Eid again this year and when the time came I looked so awesome (yayyyyyy!). We had a dinner invitation from bro's in-laws for the second day of Eid and I chose to sashay in a gorgeous Pink and Orange outfit. It was shiny and pretty, fancy and bright, and extremely beautiful! I paired the dress with some really fancy bangles and rings and the outfit looked perfect!

My kameez was a hot pink one with a collared top and gold fanciness all over. 

At the bottom of the kameez was an orange and pink border with gold swirls and mirrored embellishments.

The pajamas were orange with gold circles all over. It was a bright orange that paired surprisingly a bit too well with the hot pink!

At the bottom of the pajamas was a matching pink border. Just like the kameez, this border was embellished with mirrored details and gold swirls too.

Finally, my dupatta was a beautiful pair with the rest of the dress. It had the same pinks, oranges, and golds and in addition to those colors there were also hints of blue, turquoise, and red. The contrasting colors looked great when put together to complete my outfit. Pretty pretty prettyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Seeeeeeee? It was so pretty I was super excited to wear it to the dinner party!

Now my favorite favorite FAYVERIT part ---> BANGLES!
Omg I loveeeeeeeeeeee bangles. LOVE THEM SO MUCH! I combined shiny oranges and pinks into my bangle set. They even matched the mirrored details on my dress.

I wore lots of bangles. I wore a similar looking set in each hand which went perfectly with my outfit.
What? There can never be enough bangles. Never ever. Period.

As if I hadn't already matched enough, this beauty hung around my arm. The gold beaded details added even more wow to the entire outfit. It was the first time I was carrying a pouch-style hand bag and it looked awesome. It looked delicate and fancy and super duper girly!

Bring on the Mehndi and rings and the entire look was complete! I looked beautiful that night. I find being girly one of the best parts of this world! Jewelry, colors, blings, and being fancy is what keeps you happy!


  1. wow...I never thought that pink could looks so fine with orange. pretty bangles.

    1. Hey!
      Thank you! Glad to know you like it. It's true, pink and orange weren't the kind of colors I'd imagine pairing along but I've always loved it when the two come together. This time it was no different and it looked beautiful!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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