Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Gubby's Favorite Baby Entertainment Videos

My darling Gubby loves watching videos with me on Youtube. The first time I showed her a video it was because I was curious how she would react to it. I showed her the Banana song video of the Minions first. As a baby she didn't like it too much but around the age of one she began loving them. She picked up the word 'Baa Baa' from the minions' 'Baa baa baa baa baa naa naa'. So basically now she calls all Youtube videos 'Baa Baa'. So whenever she wants to ask me to play her a favorite video she brings me my phone (which she calls 'pone') and says, "Beeyaa, Baa Baa?" Seriously, that kid is so adorable she melts my heart.

Most of these videos have proven to be super educational. She isn't even two years old yet and already knows a lot. She can sing the ABC song, for example, with the perfect tune and ups and downs and has even started catching alphabets like 'ABC', 'PQRS', and even 'WXYZ'. Other videos are just for her entertainment (and to be honest for mine too!) and include stuff that either we watched as kids or new cartoons. I decided I'd do a round up of her absolute favorite videos. They're super cute and adorable and I love listening to the songs and watching the animations almost just as much as Gubby does!

The first one is 'Teddy Bear Teddy Bear' which features lots of nursery rhymes with Dave and Ava. I think Dave and Ava are really adorable but the mouse is a dramatic crook *laughs*. Abbie and I love singing 'Miss Polly' and sometimes (ssshhhh nobody has to know this) we even sing it when Gubby's not around and we're bored. When Gubby wants to tell me she wants to watch this one she comes and says, "Taabatta taabatta waa waa waa!" That means 'Teddy bear teddy bear turn around'.

Next is this compilation of nursery rhymes that features the Ice Cream Song which is Gubby's favorite. I love listening to how Gubby sings the Ice Cream song. It is seriously such adorable baby talk I always end up attacking Gubby with hugs and kisses when this one is done. When she wants this video she says, "Aaatee aaatee taabatta aaatee!" This means 'Ice cream ice cream strawberry ice cream'. Isn't that adorableeeeeeeee? She can sing the whole song almost. She sings along and says words like 'vanilla', 'chocolate' (which she calls 'taatlaa'), 'chocolate chip' ('taatlaa tip'), and etc.

Next are the good old minions! Gubby loves watching them. She copies their crazy ways and so do I, like when they imitate the water cooler Gubby and I do it too. It's hilarious!

Next are the Monkeys Jumping! This was one of the very first videos I showed Gubby because this song was one of those that popped up in my head first. She's now knows that when you fall down you can hurt your head. She also knows that when you get hurt you have to be taken to the doctor. She can say the words 'doctor', 'hurt', 'bump', 'head' and 'no more'. This video also has a nice ABC song with pandas that Gubby knows. She calls monkeys 'mannies' and it's so adorable!

This next one is the 'Hopitty' according to Gubby. She loves the super cute bunnies in the video and sings along the entire song. I love it when she says 'NO' along with the video about sleeping bunnies. It is so cute!

And then this one needs no explanation! I love Gus Gus and I found out Gubby likes him too. I even got Gubby a Gus Gus plush toy. She enjoys watching Lucifer chase him and imitates Gus Gus when he goes out of breath. It is so funny and so cool seeing my Gubby Bubby enjoy Gus Gus just as much as I did when I was a child.

One day Gubby wanted to watch the Cookie Monster. She calls him the 'Tootie Mota' and usually watches his videos with Abbie. Abbie randomly googled it up and Gubby put her finger on this video. That is how we found this one. It is really random and has no animations or sounds to entertain Gubby but somehow she still loves watching this. Personally, I love the sound of everything opening in the camera and it is so tasty when the chocolate egg is broken! YUMMMMM.

I'd seen this movie's trailer and I wanted Gubby to watch some new video so I pulled up The Secret Life of Pets. Gubby loves it. She calls it the 'Mannaa' Baabaa. Baabaa is, like I explained, her way of saying she wants to watch videos. Mannaa is a name she has given to cats herself. I taught her how to meow like cats and she automatically started calling them 'Manaa'.

This one she calls 'Annee Boodie' which means Angry Birds of course *laughs*. We call birds 'birdies' and she decided to pick up 'boodie' and finalized that name.

Gubby has this thing with dinosaurs. She imitates them and tries to rawrrrrrrr like a T Rex. Her idea of scaring somebody for fun is also to become a dinosaur. She found this video herself. We were watching one of the other videos when she saw the dinosaurs and pressed on the screen with her tiny fingers and this video popped up. Check out the dinosaurs diving! It is cute! She calls the dinosaurs 'Daadlaa Dowr' or something like that.

When I was a child I loved Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. One day I wanted to find a new video for Gubby so I searched for Powerpuff Girls and showed her a few videos. She fell in love with Bubbles too, just like me. How awesome is that? So we now watch this video which is basically a compilation of some of Bubbles moments from the cartoons. She loves watching them and calls Bubbles 'Bubbaa'.

Cookie Monster is a favorite between us sisters. Abbie and I both love Cookie Monster the most out of all Sesame Street characters and we've passed on the love to Gubby too. She calls it the 'Tootie Mota' like I mentioned before and loves watching all his videos. She can even imitate the noise he makes while eating cookies now and it is so funny watching her do that. This is just one of the many Cookie Monster videos we watch with Gubby. She keeps clicking on new ones from the suggestions on Youtube and we enjoy it just as much as she does.


  1. You and Abbie are such good aunties. Gubby is probably the most loved (and dare I say spoiled?) little niece in the county.

    1. Hahahaha! Oh yes she is! :D We love her so much and she knows that!


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