Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Awesomeness Updates!

So like I mentioned earlier I am currently traveling. I'm on another adventure! This and the following few entries have been scheduled ahead of time so that my blog's awesomeness continues while I'm away! Ahem ahemmmmmmmmmmm! Anyway, where was I? Yes. Awesomeness! I have super awesome plans for my blog once I return and like I always give updates ahead of time here's another update entry!

The Usual Awesomeness Continues
First let me mention what awesomeness will continue! There have been some blog series that have been going on so well for me that I wish to keep them going. The Wacky Finds continue to be my absolute favorite! Also, my Tweet Logs are doing a great job keeping records of my wonderful tweets. They are too awesome to go waste! I am totally loving my currently featured blog series called 'I Love Myself' too and I know the next entry is long over due. Yes yes I know! I'll be heading back home with a clear head after I finish my trip and will be getting back to it, so another brilliant 'I Love Myself' entry will be coming up soon. Yayyyyy!

What All Is Happening Next
Can you believe it is September already? Oh my God! September is that month which announces the beginning of awesomeness. OCTONOVEMBER is coming!!!
In my life October and November are one and OctoNovember is like a season. Fall is approaching which is my super favorite season along with winter. When Fall approaches a lot of other festivities come along with it. We'll be celebrating the family birthday fest and there's going to be SO much to do. There will be mama, Po, SIL, and my birthday in October and then Abbie and Gubby's birthday in November. This means there has to be a LOT of cake and a lot of cake planning to do. Of course everything will show up on my blog!
My room's makeover shall be done soon (I know I've said that a million times before *laughs* but really there are only finishing touches left like filling photo frames with beautiful stuff and arranging cushions) and as soon as I'm fully satisfied a super detailed picture entry will appear right here on my beautiful blog! Trust me, it's all looking so pretty I have fallen in love with my room all over again!
Ohhhhh what else? YES! Recipes. There are a million recipes I have planned on trying and when I'm done they shall all appear on my blog - fully tested, variations made to, and step by step pictures too! This is all going to be delicious I tell you! You'll be drooling!
I'm also planning to start my scrapbook and an art journal when I come back and it's all going to be on the blog!

So in short this blog is going to be dripping with awesomeness once I return from my trip!
I can't waitttttttttttt for all this awesome blogging!
Until then check out some of my readers' favorite entries on the right --->
Don't miss me too much while I'm gone *winks*!

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