Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Girly Arrows Photo Frame Inspiration

It's time for another DIY! Woohoo!

Super cool inspiration can be found in magazines if you keep your eyes wide open. As for me, I love magazines and fishing through them to find graphics I love. I have an entire box devoted for just that - magazine clippings. If I like even a little part of a page in a magazine I trim it off neatly and save it for later when it'd come in some crafty use. I was going through my magazine bits collection when I pulled out three pages I was getting major inspiration vibes from. Time to get to work, put my crafty hat on, and put together a girly photo frame for my bookshelf!

I'd been holding on to a beautiful page from a magazine since months. It had beautiful funky arrows with hearts all over. Basically it was part of some Valentines Day DIY tutorial which I wasn't interested in but I kept the page for the funk! This was to be my inspiration for today. I also had a hot pink page which was basically an ad from Microsoft with me. I used a hot pink Sharpie to color the white 'Microsoft' logo in the corner and then used it as a hot pink background for my photo frame. My third and last inspiration came from a Valentine's themed Kellogg's ad. I loved all the flowery bits it had so I'd saved it. I got my scissors out and chop chop chopped away till I had the bits of graphics that I loved the most.

The hot pink background made the arrows of my craft project pop out even more. I loved it! The only tiny problem was this caption written in one corner of the whole thing, the DIY instructions. I cut out a flowery bit of the Kellogg's ad and placed it so that it covered the text entirely. Problem solved. It added more dimension to the entire look and who doesn't like pretty flowers!

Put it all together. Fix it up inside my gorgeous gold frame. Voila!
It looked beautiful and absolutely perfect for my room's decor!
I didn't tape or glue anything this time because I love the arrows picture so much that maybe one day when I change this frame I'll reuse it in another craft project. This way it'll come out of the frame all clean and perfect.

Check that out! It looks so adorably funky and oh so girly! The flowery part isn't visible in this picture but it shows from the front and looks great! This is now part of my new book shelf. I'm promising more pretty pictures when I reveal my room's makeover! For now let me just drool over how gorjabulous this photo frame looks!

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