Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year New Goals ~ My Goals For 2017

Love Myself Truly, Madly, Deeply
I solemnly swear to love myself every single day of the year and my life ahead. I will love the way I look, the way I sound, the way I move, the way I live. I will take care of myself like you look after a truly loved one. 2017 will be the year I will be my top most priority. I will love myself truly, madly, and deeply and it will be the best relationship the world will ever witness.

Do More Of What Makes Me Happy
This was my goal last year too. I promise to keep myself happy super duper happy in 2017. I will do whatever my heart wishes to. Be it blogging, Netflixing, baking, reading, sleeping, resting ... whateverrrrrr! The main focus of everything shall be my happiness. After all if I don't look after my own happiness who will?

Be Super Duper Creative
I have a million creative projects in my head and 2017 will see a lot of them coming to life. I promise to start working on my scrapbook again. It gave me great joy to scrapbook until life happened and I couldn't keep up. This year I will start scrapbooking again. I also plan on starting the Wreck This Journal that is calling me from my bookshelf. My room's makeover shall be revealed this year with all my creativity coming to life in the beautiful decor. I also want to start an art journal like something but more like 'creative journal' where I do all kinds of creative stuff. Every bit of my awesome creativity will then be blogged about. It's going to be so awesome!

Break A Bad Habit
I promised to do this last year too and it was a success. This year too I'll be working on a bad habit. One bad habit at least! I hope I can win against myself again.

Spiritual Enlightenment
This too is a resolution from last year that I wish to continue working on during 2017 as well. The past year saw a lot of improvements where faith was concerned and I loved it. It gives me peace to be closer to God in any way and I promise to strive again this year.

Stay Far Away From Negativity
This was one resolve that worked wonders for me last year so I promise to do so again. Negative people, places, emotions, intentions, thoughts, plans, words, behaviors, things ... EVERYTHING. I will stay away and as far away as possible from every kind of negativity. It better stay away from me too!

Appreciate The Goodness Around Me
To be truly grateful will be my aim for 2017. I want to appreciate everything good around me. I promise to try and smile through every situation no matter how good or bad. I promise to try and find something good - at least one little thing - wherever I am and whatever is happening around me. It'll be tough in the toughest of times but I will try my best.

Focus On My Health
This one means a lot to me. This year I promise to work out, stay in shape, eat good stuff and eat well, cut down on unnecessary pills, try to stay away from doctors, make sure I get my needed vitamins, and like I said before stay happy. I hope to be a much more healthier and happier woman by the end of 2017.

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