Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Grand and Glorious Birthday Party

I think I've made it pretty obvious to the world how much my sister, The Abbie, means to me. Basically she's the most important person in my life, even more than my parents. Each year when her birthday comes I plan something special to celebrate it. The Abbie Day, as I call it, is the blessed time of the year when years ago God had sent my Bestie into this world. It's a pretty mighty occasion which needs a pretty mighty celebration. The Abbie Day 2016 was a milestone year for my sister. The fabulous thirty! It was the time to throw her some grand celebration. It was the time to celebrate her glorious self and so I put together a fabulous birthday party for the special occasion. It was all DIY and looked beautiful. Let's show off a little bit and check out the details.
Now presenting: The Grand & Glorious Birthday Party!

The entire set up shined in gold and popped out blacks and reds. Red, black, and gold is Abbie's favorite color combination so obviously I had to choose those for the party's theme. My aim was to create a photo booth like area for Abbie. We usually have a background behind the birthday cake and the table is decorated with gifts but this time I wanted Abbie to be part of the party's background. I wanted her to be photographed with everything together. So I created a little party area for her where we all celebrated her birthday.

My absolute absolute favorite part of the entire party decorations was the gold sequined backdrop. I had wanted to buy this so bad and when I finally found the right kind, size, and price I couldn't wait anymore. One click here and one click there and it was being shipped to me. Yay!

On one side of the gold background I hung black and gold decorations. There was a big black ruffled up paper pom pom and a spiky pom pom that had black and white stripes too. I also hung two large sparkly gold star ornaments along the pom poms and a shiny gold fringe all around the background.

The cake was in itself Grand & Glorious but I'm planning to hold off the cake's details for another blog post when I'd focus more on the baking and cake decorating part. So that's that. Focus your attention on the cake table and the decor around it. I covered a round table with a black bed sheet because I didn't have a table cover on me that would have done the job. Two toned black and gold sequined cushions adorned the base of the cake table along with more star shaped gold ornaments and a red and gold masquerade mask which added to the glorious decor and matched the mask around the cake too. Time for some close ups! Because every little detail is sooooooooooooooooo oh-my-God-kinda-awesome!

It was REALLY beautiful!

The cushions were also a birthday gift for Abbie to decorate her study room! Birthday gifts and party decor - two in one fabulousness!

I finally added some more personal touches to the decor. I'd made a Grand & Glorious birthday card for Abbie which also became a photo prop and decor piece in the birthday celebrations. The cake plates I'd bought which had a gold and sparkly 30 written on them also served as a brilliant decor piece. I'd wanted Abbie to sit between all the decorations so I placed a gorgeous black and gold stool there too.

Look at the beautiful birthday card! I'll soon be posting detailed pictures of the handmade card in another blog post. So look out for more gorgeousness!

The day I bought these dessert plates I just knew I could use them in so many ways other than just as plates! I even turned these into a photo prop for Abbie to hold when she posed for pictures. It's never necessary to use things the way they were meant to be used; a little creativity and imagination goes a long long way!

We bought other cards too and I displayed them around the cake table too! Personal touches are the best!

That's my awesome self setting up everything and making sure it was all perfect!

The Grand & Glorious Birthday Party was a fabulous celebration. The black and gold with the red accents looked regal. I spent weeks planning everything and then putting it all together. It was hectic and I did panic about not having enough time too but in the end when I was done and stepped back I just knew it would bring a humongous smile on Abbie's face. When Abbie saw everything I'd done her delight was evident on her face. Just what I wanted! The Grand & Glorious birthday party was exactly what my grand and glorious sister deserved on her big day!

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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. I love all the photos you put in your blog posts; I can really appreciate the colors, textures and designs you incorporate into your projects. Keep it up ... I'll be avidly waiting for you next post.

    1. Thank you Suzanne <3
      Always there with the brilliant words that make me SO happy! :D

  2. This is such a nice set up and that cake is spectacular! I really wish I had a close relationship with my sister as well.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. Hey Julia,
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment!
      I'll be posting a LOT more of my baking during April so stay in touch :)

  3. This is indeed glorious and fantastic. You've really worked hard to make her happy on her birthday!

    1. Hey Fa,
      Thank you so much for writing to me!
      Yes, it brought a HUGE smile on her face :D

  4. Love how gorgeous it looks too! :)

    Thanks so much for linking up to our Sunday LINK PARTY at Bird's Party Blog!!

    Your gorgeous post is being featured this Sunday!! Don't forget to stop by and link up some more!

    1. OMG yayyyy!
      So happy to know you loved it!
      Thank you for the feature, I feel so awesome! :D


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