Sunday, May 7, 2017

SUCCESS! I Survived the Blogging from A to Z April 2017 Challenge!

Everybody stand up, yes yes, stand up - it's time to give a standing ovation to the one and only me. Why? Well, once again, for the third time in a row I completed the April Blogging from A to Z Challenge! Isn't that so awesomeeeeee? It was my third year and it went by so fast I was left wondering where time flew off to, really! Now, April has come to an end, May is here and I'm super happy because I performed the challenge with super awesome fantabulosity. I never missed even a single post - which is a GREAT achievement because I was super busy this year with all the other stuff going on in my life. Now that all is done and complete I'm sad because it's over but relieved because I can get back to regular blogging and relax a bit! Before that, it's time to reflect upon the awesomeness of this year's challenge!

Recap Time! What Was I Up To This Year? 
Back in 2015 when I'd first taken up this challenge my theme had been all about visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando Florida and it had gone SUPERBLY great so I did the challenge again in 2016. Last year my theme was all about my talent behind Sara's Baked Creations. now that went fabulously too so this year again I chose the same theme. After the initial theme reveal post in which I created an index of all the entries I'd planned on writing I began posting deliciousness day after day. I'm talking about mouth-watering pictures and details all over my blog. If you followed my blog through the challenge you know how absolutely delicious each and every single one of these entries was. To be honest it was a greater challenge controlling the cravings that resulted from my entries than publishing a post each day *laughs*!

Just in case you didn't see my posts or even if you simply want to go back and live through the deliciousness again you can find the theme reveal and that yummy index by clicking right here!

The Greatness of It All!

Here's what I loved the most about the Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2017:
  • Okay, I said this last year too: I am not a fan of April (bugs coming out in Spring, heat and weird weather, no birthdays to celebrate, none of the good stuff!). Thanks to this challenge April and blogging during the month becomes super fun. This challenge brings so much happiness to my April!
  • Choosing Sara's Baked Creations as my theme works GREAT for me. There are lots of people visiting and all the wonderful comments gives me so much more encouragement. Oh and looking at everything I've baked over the years as one big collection makes me so proud. I'm like, "Wow, I'm actually so good at this!" Love the boost of confidence!
  • Just like the last two years, I found some cool new blogs and bloggers. I connected with more people on social media too. I found some great people on Twitter and some awesome people on Instagram. It was all good!
  • This one I'm going to repeat from last year's reflections word by word: "I got SO much praise that it brought my self confidence and self esteem high up (you know, think The Sims mood meter going totally green!). People had such beautiful compliments to write on my blog posts. I felt loved and appreciated which is always such a great feeling to experience!" (A great change from the bullying and harsh comments and haters and stupid people you come in contact with every day)
  • I'm thinking of making this a tradition. Wouldn't it be so cool if I blogged about Sara's Baked Creations every April like a thing? Like April being the month of show and tell for my bakes! Definitely something I'm going to think about!
  • This year there were lots of changes with the way the challenge worked. The Linky List was gone and a lot of people were complaining. I still didn't mind. I loved the way the challenge worked. In fact I actually loved the Facebook presence of the challenge this year! It was much more convenient for me to post on Facebook. I also tried the entire hyperlinking thingy and still didn't find it difficult. I had the coding copied on a document and all I did was change the links in it every day. Simple. Easy. Seriously people just find ways to complain about everything. I loved the challenge nevertheless!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy! I survived! I survived!

I was a little slow with reading others' blogs during the A to Z so I intend on doing that now and catching up so I find lots more awesomeness. Can't wait to see if there'll be a 'Themes That Rocked The Challenge' this year too! Back in 2015 I'd been featured and interviewed and it had felt SO SO SO cool! Eeeeeeeeee, and now the same worry, will I be able to participate again next year? No? Yes? If yes, what will my theme be? Will it be the same? If not can it be as awesome as Harry Potter or my delicious baking? Oh well, let's see ... I have an entire year to think about it!

All the mouth-watering pictures in this post are original Sara's Baked Creations' content. Please have some shame and refrain from copying, recreating, and cheating without giving proper credit and mention!
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  1. Congrats on finishing another successful challenge. I enjoy reading your baking posts. Your creations look so delicious and are always beautiful. WeekendsInMaine

    1. Thaaaaaaaaank you so much Karen! Loved all your comments! Made me so happy!

  2. Is there anymore blogging challenges on the horizon?

    1. None right now! I usually do the October Photography Month but not sure what happens this year :D Let's see!


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