Sunday, June 25, 2017

DIY! Gorgeous Henna Eid Envelope!

Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? 

Each year on Eid Abbie and I get super excited and go all out while preparing our darling niece Gubby's Eidee. This year I decorated a really gorgeous Eidee envelope in fun Desi colors and a pretty henna design on top. To this we'll add Gubby's Eidee. She's still a baby so we'll hold on to the envelopes in a beautiful memory box until she grows up and we hand it over to her one Eid. Oh oh oh, I can't wait for when that day arrives! For now, I'm super excited about this DIY Henna design Eid envelope I've made! Let me take you through each step of how this gorjabulousness was created! I had so much fun making this and even made a couple of videos to show off right here on my blog!

So I took a plain-old-boring-white colored-serious-adult looking envelope and then measured out the width of the Washi tape I was planning on using and drew a line to mark where that would go. Then I enjoyed my heart out drawing a beautiful henna motif. I'm not a Mehndi expert but each year I do apply Mehndi on my own and my darling ladies' (Mama and Abbie) hands so I'm not that bad at all.

Isn't it lovely?  I decided to make a typical traditional Mehndi design on this envelope so I went with what we call in my family 'kayri' design and flower combination. This is actually my favorite kind of Mehndi design so duh that's what I chose to do!

Then I brought out my (ever-growing) Washi tape collection and chose this pink beautiful tape that had circular designs on it which looked really Desi. Now really, don't they remind you of Mehndi or Rangolis or other Desi goodness? So perfect!

Right under the Mehndi design I added the Washi tape and trimmed it up on the sides so it looked like the envelope had this fancy border at its base.

Then it was time to pretty it up so I took my markers and began coloring the Mehndi design that I'd made. Reds for the flowers, greens for the 'kayris' (the leafy designs!) ...

Pinks and oranges for the other details and yellow shading inside the flowers!


Finally I added the Eid Mubarak greeting in both Urdu and English!

On top of the envelope I made this funky yellow border and adorned it with some orange dots so it looked super Desi. Underneath the Eid greetings I added a fancy floral-leafy vine design. Everything was Desi inspired and all together it looked so traditional!

Here's a close up of the washi tape which turned out to be so so Desi! *laughs*

And here's a close up of the gorgeous Mehndi design I drew and colored by hand!

Here's a close up of that super cool top border!

Tadaaaaaaaaa! What a pretty Eidee envelope I've made! I can imagine the exuberant expressions Gubby will have on her face when she sees the envelope now and the love she'll feel when she grows up and finds this in her collection of memories. I've also written a lovely letter for Gubby to read once she grows up (may God bless her, that little darling doll!). Abbie and I will be adding our Eidee to the envelope and I have a couple of scribbles and drawings I've made with Gubby too to add in here. All of this goes in the memory box I'm filling up for her!
Eid Mubarak!

Here's a short video of this beautiful envelope's making! Enjoy!


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