Thursday, July 13, 2017

Harry Potter Tea Cups!

We bought Harry Potter tea cups! TEA CUPS with a Harry Potter theme! SO AWESOME! It keeps getting awesomer and awesomer, doesn't it? They keep coming up with gorgeous merchandise and Abbie and I keep losing our self control and indulging and then we keep on getting more and more excited. It's a never ending cycle of magic and no I am not complaining at all! I say this with a giant uncontrollable smile on my face - imagine a wide Cheshi Cat grin that stretches from ear to ear and hints at protruding outside my face's width. I THINK I AM GOING TO GO MAD WITH EXCITEMENT THANKS TO ALL THIS HARRY POTTER MERCHANDISE IN THE WORLD AROUND ME!

The gorgeous Tea Cup Set came in a beautiful HP box which Abbie's going to be keeping. I already have HP boxes from other merch indulgences so she takes this one! Now, this isn't the original way in which the tea cups were placed inside the box. When I put the tea cups back in to snap pictures for my blog I switched the plates' places ... oops! But doesn't matter - let me get to the important part!

GORJABULOUS!!! Okay I am seriously experiencing an increased heart rate right now. I think originally the yellow cup and plate were supposed to be a set and the reds were to be another but Abbie and I have chosen to flip it up and pair a yellow and red together. Basically, we are going to divide the tea cups set into two - Abbie keeps one in her room and I display the other in my Harry Potter shelf in my room. So when we looked at it we saw that the yellow cup had the Marauders Map design but the red plate was the one with the same design instead of the matching yellow. Same with the other set ... the red cup was Platform Nine and Three Quarters but the yellow plate instead of the red had the Hogwarts crest on it. So long story short we switched it up and ended up with a yellow and red tea cups set each!

The first tea cup and plate is Marauder's Map themed. The gorgeous yellow and red is simply magical. It has this stunning appeal and looks so awesome I think I might just not stop looking at it for days.

The cup itself has a gorgeous Marauder's Map design on its front in a super vibrant red color over a yellow background. The Hogwarts castle is stunning and goosebumps-causing as usual!

Inside the mug - and I love this part so much - it says Mischief Managed. SO cool! It wouldn't have been as awesome as it is if they hadn't printed this inside the cup! It perfectly captures the wackiness of the Marauder's Map.

The red plate which (we thought) should go with it has more Marauder's Map on it. It even has the classic footprints all around and you can spot faded words like 'Wormtail ... & Prings ... proud to present." IT IS SO COOL!

This is the other side of the plate with another Marauder's Map logo or design on it and more wacky footprints. It's so beautiful!

The other tea cup is this very gorgeous Nine and Three Quarters themed one. I love how BOLD and awesome this one is!

On the cup itself is a big, bold, and beautiful Nine and Three Quarters logo. It stirs up all of the beautiful memories I've made with Abbie at The Wizarding World in Orlando. I swear I can actually feel that excitement of getting in line to board the Hogwarts Express when I look at the logo on this tea cup!

Just like the other cup this one too has a cool little detail inside. It says Hogwarts Express in red and yellow and looks absolutely gorgeous.

I love love love love loveeeeeeeee the yellow plate. It has the gorgeous Hogwarts crest on it which makes it super cool!

LOOK! Told you it was super cool! I love how Gryffindor-ish this one feels! These tea cups really are so beautiful I can't stop looking at them. Every time I look I see something new and end up falling more and more in love.

So who keeps which one? Oooooh the big decision. Since I have this 3D Platform Nine and Three Quarters Prop that Abbie had made for my twentieth birthday we've decided that Abbie gets to keep the Platform Nine and Three Quarters tea cup and I can keep the Marauder's Map.

Abbie owns this absolutely stunningly magically gorgeous GORGEOUS Marauder's Map mug already so this tea cup obviously gets to be mine. Now I'm off to rearrange my Harry Potter shelf a little so I can display this new bit of magic!


  1. Some day -- one day! --I'm going to have tea at your house and I'll insist we use the Harry Potter teacups. By that time, maybe I'll have one oof !y own. ;-)

    1. Hahaha! That'd be cool to have you over! We could enjoy a Harry Potter themed tea party! Do get a set for yourself too! These teacups are beautiful!

  2. I meant "one of my own."

  3. Replies
    1. I got these from Hot Topic! I hope you can find them for yourself too! They're gorgeous :D

  4. what delightful teacups! and i love love how colourful your blog is, its an explosion of colour, I like it!
    Tea should taste totally 'magical' in them!

    1. Thank youuuuu Julie, a) for visiting, b) for leaving such a nice comment, and c) for loving my beautiful blog! :D
      Yes, these teacups are MAGICAL! Love them so much! I'm displaying them in my Harry Potter shelf!


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