Friday, July 7, 2017

The Owl Post Harry Potter Wallet

You just can't have enough Harry Potter merchandise, can you? No. The more the merrier. Which is why - even though we already had a HP wallet - Abbie went to the mall and bought a pair of these BLOODY BRILLIANT Owl Post themed wallets. I hope you read that in the Ron Weasley tone by the way! I know I know what am I going to do with two wallets right? That's exactly what I've been thinking about too. Yet, when the wallet was dropped in my hands I was dumbfounded with excitement. Harry Potter merchandise gives me this strangely serene high; some kind of peace, a feeling of cool satisfaction inside my heart ... I don't even know why people do drugs, just buy Harry Potter stuff ... yes? Anyway, let me skip to the magic. Let me show off close ups of this beautiful wallet! It is actually SO awesome looking that for an entire day I was fighting the urge to just display it in my Harry Potter shelf! STUNNING!

The letter-like looking wallet is a really elegant shade of parchment brown. Looking at it you get the vibes I imagine you'd feel inside the Owl Post. Actually, yes, it does take me back to the Owl Post at The Wizarding World in Orlando. I immediately think of owls and parchments and piles upon piles of letters all around me. Oh and is it just me or the cursive letters spelling 'Harry Potter' give you goosebumps too?

On the other side is the Hogwarts crest in this beautiful shiny gold. SO AWESOME SO AWESOME SO VERY AWESOME!

Here's a picture of the insides. It's pretty spacious! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

I think this is a super cool wallet. They should totally make a flip case for iPhones that's exactly the same too. Then I'd buy that also. Oh and you know what's my favorite part? The red stamp seal. That little detail on this gorjabulous wallet is just PERFECTION! Expecto Perfectionnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

*Dreams of buying more Harry Potter merchandise*


  1. Loving this look into your HP collection. Keep the pics coming. :-)

    1. Thank you :D I intend to do this every July haha!


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