Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Graphics To Love!

I swear it happened by snaccident! One day I was enjoying my sustained weight loss and the next day BAM I had gained weight again. *laughs* Now I'm back to trying to lose all the extra weight again! I guess it's a constant struggle of life. This graphic made me laugh! Such perfect pun!

I do not know nor would I ever want to imagine a life without colors! I don't understand when people try to stick to a few shades or colors for anything. I mean anything. I don't understand when people don't wear colorful clothes. I don't understand when bloggers these days stick to a color theme for their instagrams. I just don't understand! I need my life to be surrounded by as many colors as possible. I dress in whichever color I want, my instagram is beautifully colorful, my room is colorful too! I just love love love colors and a life without them ... Aaaaah don't even talk about it! *laughs*

Gotta love Dr. Seuss's quotes!

I'm not perfect and I would like the world to know and accept it. I've accepted it. So should everyone else. I make mistakes, err, fumble, blunder, fall and then get back up again. It's part of living this life and I'm finally learning not to be too hard on myself - to let myself make mistakes.

Allah knows and He is sufficient for me!


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