Friday, August 25, 2017

New Clothes! Shopping Spree!

One fine day I rearranged my closet and realized I needed a couple of new dresses. I wasn't really 'going' shopping to get new dresses but when we hit the mall I luckily came across some fabulous ones at even more fabulous prices. I couldn't resist! I found beautiful stuff and am now so excited to pair them into gorjabulous outfits and sashay around (and it's a bonus that I've lost some weight and feel even more fantabulously awesome in the new dresses!). Before I get to do that though it's time to show everything off right here on my beloved blog!

First up is this awesome shawsome casual denim shirt mama got me. I have been so in love with denim since always and with it being very in-season right now I've been drooling over every little bit of denim I see in stores. This shirt is so cool! It has this perfect fit which makes me think I can wear it over my skirts too in place of a jacket! So cool! Oh and you know what my favorite part is? ...

The torn and worn out effect!
I love this so much, it makes the denim look even cooler than it already is! 

Please shove your fingers inside your ears really tight because I am about to shout in excitement - a high pitched overly excited shout too. BECAUSE OH MY GOD HARRY POTTER MERCHANDISE MAKES ME THAT EXCITED! Abbie and I bought a matching pair of this shirt. When we saw the Hogwarts silhouette we knew from far away we had more Potter stuff in sight and this shirt had the lace neckline which is just so perfect! Hogwarts is our home and this shirt shows off our Hogwarts pride perfectly! 

Favorite dress alertttttttttttttttttttt people! This one too, Abbie and I found a matching pair. We love dressing alike, especially when we head to our Wizarding World for vacation, so we love buying matching dresses. This piece by Dana Buchman features bold stripes in super vibrant colors. The vertical stripes have such a beautiful slimming effect. Anything which slims is instantly a favorite obviously! This would look beautiful with both a black and a blue jacket and jeans. I'm particularly excited about getting to wear this one!

Another absolute favorite. I'm so into bright colors and cute designs and at the mall this dress was LOOKING at me and calling my name. I swear I heard her call me! Look at those super cute patterns and the gorgeous colors! This is so pretty!

Here's a zoomed version of the dress's designs! So beautiful, isn't it? It is so perfect for me - given my love for colors! It's going to look so awesome no matter what I pair it with. I'm thinking blue and black jackets and jeans would both look great with it. Hey, I have a pink jacket also which might look super awesome paired with this gorgeousness too! Stunning!

This one is yet another gorgeous pattern in beautiful shades of blue. It's so elegant and funky at the same time. IMAGINE, oh just imagine this with denim jeans and jackets and a fancy long necklace and ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Just thinking about the outfit I can pair with this makes me fall in love with it even more! This one's a Liz Claiborne dress I bought from JCP. LOVELY!

Oh and last but not the least is my fabulous new Denim half jacket!
THIS ONE I AM SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH I THINK I SHOULD WEAR IT AND NEVER TAKE IT OFF!!! It is so beautiful and the exact shade of denim I had been looking for since so so so long! All those new dresses would look stunning when paired with this gorgeousness! Check out the details ...

See all those worn out faded super cool effects all over? STUNNING, isn't it?

I'm one happy shopper this month! Something nice finally happened in the unexciting month of August *laughs* ... can't wait to wear all of my new stuff and look super awesome doing so!

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