Saturday, August 19, 2017

Pool Party and Sunday BBQ with Gubby

I've never enjoyed the Summer season too much (bugs, the sun, sweat, and more bugs, and some more bugs). It's the one season I find the least interesting. This year however I actually had an awesome Summer Sunday. All thanks to this tiny cutie pie - my Gubby darling. Her parents got her an inflatable pool and decided to get the grill out and set up a BBQ one fine Summer Sunday. Abbie and I cooked and added the fun touches. We ended up enjoying our hearts out!

Guess who enjoyed Gubby's pool the most with her? ME! Her dear Beeya. The moment she was stepping outside on the patio she turned around and said, "Beeya, come too!" and that's really all I needed to change into my casual shalwaar mode and hop right in with her. She loved having me there and I loved it even more splashing around with my baby. We splashed water on each other, on others, and even randomly in the grass around the pool. Thankfully it had rained and there were no bugs outside so we had no worries! Gubby and I sang songs, jumped around, tickled each other, and played with the many toys she had inside the pool. I think I hadn't had that kind of fun in quite a while then. It felt great! I picked Gubby up and let her do splash landings inside the water and then I made a swing out of my hands and let her splash around while swinging. Her face that evening was shining brighter than the season's sun! She was having the time of her life and so was I - her dear Beeya!
The fun wasn't over just yet though because guess who joined us in our pool fun? THE ABBIE! Yes, Abbie stepped outside and Gubby and I shouted, "Bua come too!" Next minute Abbie Bua was hopping inside the pool and the three of us were going absolutely crazy having fun. Abbie named our cutie pie the 'water monkey' because that's exactly what she looked like as she enjoyed the swings Bua and Beeya made for her. We created bubbles using some of the toys in the pool too. Gubby loved every bit of it! We played, laughed, sang, and had fun until it was dinner time!

Let's talk about the delicious menu! We had a really delicious dinner once we were done with the pool fun! Fresh off the BBQ grill were chicken tikkas, veggies, and shrimps (which I skip!) by bro. I made my super delicious Cajun Chicken and Veggies for the first time that day and seasoned some boiled rice to go with it all. Abbie fried some hot and yummy crinkle cut french fries and baked some super buttery and yumtastic corn! When we took the picture above we totally forgot to bring the corn outside (silly us!) so I snapped another one separately! This is what happens when you're having way too much fun, you basically just lose your mind! *laughs*
I can hear the sizzle right through this picture!

While bro finished the last batch of BBQ'd vegetables Gubby dear, who was tired and hungry from all the fun we'd had in the pool, sat like a princess and ate hot french fries from a cup. It was Abbie's genius idea to serve them in a cup. Not only did Gubby get super excited seeing the french fries she also loved that she'd got her own personal cup to hold. Such a cutie pie she is! God bless her!

The pool where hundreds of beautiful memories were made one Summer's Sunday afternoon. The tiny bird house on the right has been painted by Gubby herself at her Nani's house. It's the cutest little birdie house I've ever seen - even after the rain has smudged it a little bit!

My tiny little darling brightens up my life one adorable day at a time!


  1. Aww, our nieces really mean the world to us, don't they??
    I remember when the hubby and I bought an inflatable pool for our little niece and she absolutely loved it so much so that she cried for a loooong time after pool time was over. We all splashed around in ours too, splashed each other as well, ���� hahahaha.

    1. Yes they do! And I remembered you and your pool pics too when we enjoyed our time with Gubby! :D


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