Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Start Wrecking My Journal

A couple of birthdays ago Abbie gifted me the famous Wreck This Journal. Stuck in a rut and trying to deal with life one day at a time my creative juices weren't flowing too well so it stayed untouched, unwrecked, but never forgotten. It rested on my shelf until recently when I picked it up and decided I needed to start some serious wreckage.

 I flipped it open and read the first instruction: crack the spine. A spine chilling shriek could be heard (exaggerations shamelessly added and puns completely intended) as I stretched open the journal as nice and fine as I could. There was a crack on the spine and my journal had begun it's wreck-ful journey.

I haven't done much but I've started. I followed some instructions randomly here and there, scribbling in my name and going through the pages to see all the cool stuff I will have to do. This journal is actually really fabulous. I can already think of so many clever ways I could interpret the instructions.

"To create is to destroy" and I intend to destroy this with all my heart! I'll keep posting my destruction as I go along, I promise!


  1. LOL I don't doubt you'll wreck this journal VERY creatively. :-D


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