Friday, September 22, 2017

The Star Studded Black & Gold Backpack

A couple of days ago I showed off the new gold yellow dress I'd bought which had been so perfect it was as if they'd custom made it according to what I'd had in mind. Once again today I'm sharing my OMG moment when I walked into a shop with a bag in mind and found exactly what I wanted - and I mean hundred percent same kind of perfection here! It was a fantastic moment like it is in cartoons. Everything else became dim and a gold sparkling spotlight shined from the heavens upon me and the bag as a loud and grand 'aaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah' played in the background. We met. I laid my eyes upon the bag. I went ahead and picked it off the shelf. My eyes gleamed with emotion as I fell in love.

Okay, I might have imagined some or most of that but hey you get my point. It was THE moment, okay? Okay. It was my moment.

Just two days before I was traveling to Canada for a short and sweet road trip I'd given up hope of finding the perfect black backpack of my dreams. I'd checked every possible shop's online catalog that I could think of and for a teeny tiny horrible moment of weakness I'd even considered settling for one that wasn't the exact bag of my dreams. Finally, one day I met my match. This Steve Madden star studded black and gold bag was waiting for me at TJ Maxx. In fact I'd almost picked up another bag giving up and thinking, "Hmm, this is the closest to my perfect imaginary bag!" until I walked a few more steps further and saw this beauty!

It has everything I wanted and let me explain. I had wanted a black leather bag with some kind of gorgeous detail (studded, or printed, or quilted) which would add character to the bag without making it outfit specific. I wanted it to be the smooth kind of shiny leather and not the distressed kind. I also wanted a backpack style because I wanted to use this for traveling. I wanted it to be small enough to not cover my entire back (not going to school here!) yet be large enough to hold my Kindle and some of the other important stuff I never leave the house without. Hello, perfect match entering right here! This bag is a shiny black leather with the most gorgeous gold stars and dots all over. They actually catch light and shine. It's a very bookish starry night sky like effect which I absolutely love!

Zipper details are sophisticated yet stunning. I love how clean and smart everything looks. It's funky feminine but not girly and schoolish. It's also very spacious and just the perfect size. It has a large main pocket in which goes my beloved Kindle and other important stuff and then two more pockets in the front which I use for makeup, my mini hand lotion, and etc.

Did I already point out how stunning the gold accents are? They pop in just the right ways making this the ideal bag for me. I love a little shine and sparkle in everything I own and this bag is perfectionnnnnnnnn at its best!

The straps aren't leather but I like how light they are over my shoulders. They're not too wide and not too thin so they don't spoil whatever outfit I'm carrying the bag with and are sturdy enough that I'm not worried the bag will rip off if I stuff stuff in it. Stuff stuff in .. get it? Stuff the stuff!  *laughs*

This is a nifty little bag and very useful! I carried it throughout my holiday in Canada and felt so care free like I wasn't even carrying anything on me. Function and gorjabulousness in one? How perfect can it possibly get! Added to my collection of beautiful bags, I'm so totally in love with it!

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