Saturday, November 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, Abbie & Gubby Darling!

What you're looking at are cakes! Cakes made with extreme loads of love in the past week. Cakes made by the awesome shawsome me! Cakes by Sara's Baked Creations!

Octo-November is the birthday season of my family, as I've been harping on since quite some time now! Except for my brother and my dad we all have birthdays in the Fall season and it is awesome because it feels like a big grand celebration which lasts for days. The grand finale is my baby niece Gubby's birthday on the twentieth of November. In the past I posted about the Dainty Little Birthday Party we arranged for mama's birthday. This past week I went all out to arrange a celebration for Abbie (19th November) and Gubby (20th, immediately next day!) and it was a success! My themes were Harry Potter and Paw Patrol and ooooooh dear what beautiful birthdays I arranged!

'Yer a Wizard, Harry!' ~ The Harry Potter Birthday Celebration
For Abbie's birthday I arranged a magical Harry Potter celebration! I brought out some of our collectible props as part of the decor. Check out the adorable greeting card version of Harry on the right side of the display. That's a handmade greeting card from me! Finally check out that extremely beautiful Harry Potter cake! That was a show stopper! I'll be posting detailed pictures of EVERYTHING from this birthday celebration and a full step by step DIY tutorial of the Harry greeting card soon!

No Job Is Too Big, No Pup Is Too Small!
The Paw Patrol Birthday Celebration
My baby doll turned THREE years old this year and it called for a celebration of what a bundle of joy she is in our lives! Abbie and I did a fantabulous job arranging a Paw Patrol themed birthday party for our little buddy. We put together a sky themed backdrop because we were highlighting Skye from the cartoon. Abbie made adorable Paw Patrol cupcakes, Doggie Treats (cookies), and PupCorn. I completed the birthday party with an extremely cute two tier cake, which I believe has to be my cutest cake to date! Coming up shortly will be detailed pictures of the party and the cake! It was so awesome! Gubby loved it too much and seeing her face light up like that made our hearts happy! No party is too big, no auntie is too small!

Happy Birthday Abbie!
Happy Birthday Gubby!
You're the two loves of my life ... my favorites!

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  1. Happy Birthday Abbie and Gubby!

    Sara, your cakes are quite the spectacles, as usual. And, I must admit, I'm looking forward to the Harry Potter card DIY. :-)

    1. Hey Suzanne!
      The card DIY is posted :D Hope you love it!
      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes :D Glad you loved the cakes!


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